Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Relief for Haitian Orphans

We had quite a busy day today. Kim has become very involved with the groups who are trying to bring Haitian orphans to the US. A friend from her church called this morning to let her know that someone from their church was flying his own plane down to Haiti Friday and they needed to take down medicines and clothing for the orphans. Kim volunteered to call pharmacies, Walmart, Target, etc. to see if they could donate Amoxycillin (sp?) and cold remedies, tents, sleeping bags, etc., etc. While she spent all day calling and being frustrated ( short notice does not work well for large corporations), Samara and I cleaned bathrooms and vacuumed. Kim did get Target to donate $100 gift card, so we went there to get as much as we could with the money. It was really heart warming to see how the people working in the store were willing to help us. The pharmacist gave us names of several drug manufacturers to call to see if they would donate the Amoxycillan since they needed prescriptions in order to distribute drugs at Target. She also spent a lot of time helping us select the right cold remedies at the most reasonable prices. The store manager apologized for not being able to help us more on such short notice and encouraged us to send him a list of what all was needed so he could distribute it to more Target stores in the area. We went over to Old Navy and got a couple outfits for some children who showed up at the place where the orphans were staying in Haiti with nothing, not even clothes!

On the way home, we heard from a pharmacist Kim had left a message at. He said he only needed a Dr. to come to pick up the Amoxycillin. It turns out that the man who owns the plane and is flying down is a Dr. so he can pick up the penicillin (sp?). The pharmacist gave names and phone numbers of several other pharmacists who he thought would donate drugs too.

We got home about 5 PM and Kim had to go to class at 6. We had dinner in the crock
pot and Grampa was doing the baby sitting. We were all pooped and emotionally drained by this evening! The man who is flying down to Haiti made a video and it is on youtube. Here it is below:

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