Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Bucket List for 2010 and Beyond

I was going to write down my New Year's resolutions but saw a neat post by a teacher friend who is doing 40 by 40. I can't see listing 75 by 75 for me so I'll just kind of make a bucket list. Some things will be short term and some sort of long term although at this age I need to keep them not too long! Some are definitely pipe dreams, but who knows what tomorrow will bring!

1. Start a blog sight and try to keep it up to date. I have a lot of ideas to write down so it will have a lot of variety to it. (Already started)
2. Lose 10-15 lbs. during this year--hopefully by June but I know me and I rarely hit my target date. I am going to use Judith Becks method again because it seems to work well for me.
a. Count calories--use (700-900/day)
b. Plan meals ahead and write them down here?
c. Exercise regularly--walk away the lbs. on dvd, snow shoe, sweat to the oldies.
d. Use her psychological tips and find a coach (Carla?)
3. Walk in a 5K event this spring and definitely the Race for the Cure next October in Denver or San Antonio if I am there.
4. Finish 3 quilts this year -- Bob's snowball quilt with embroidery in the snowballs, pink log cabin earmarked for Carla, and the generational quilt. Quilt the Christmas one sometime in the near future. Quilt or tie the Owyhee HS one soon.
5. Redo Carla's jacket by fall.
6. keep up with my speed cleaning
7. Deep clean red room and our bedroom before going south for the winter.
8. Get together with Mike and Sandi Struble and Maryann and Bob Durake while in FL. Also visit Linda Cox and Laura Atwood while we are there.
9. Visit New Zealand and Australia while I am still able to enjoy it--see where Lord of the Rings and Man from Snowy River were filmed.
10. Visit Ansuya and Leonie in Great Britain.
11. Visit Dana and Ron in MD and Tip, Barb and Jennie's families at the same trip.
12. Stop to see and visit with Jenni Currie in Mobile and/or see her here in CO.
13 Go to a Struble family reunion in PA
14. Go to Mexicali for dental and to have a lapband checkup and visit with Dr. Aceves and his team.
15. Visit my friends in Wendover, Elko, and Owyhee (also relatives).
16. Go to Laughlin and Las Vegas with Annie and Katie. Visit my friends and former students in Vegas (Francisco, Becky--Have them organize the others who are there)
17. Visit all my children--Marianne, JJ, Carla and Danny at their homes.
18 . Do some more watercolor painting
19. Paint some more trays with acrylic paints.
20. Try to make soap again but study up on it before trying.
21. Continue to try doing innovative new things on the embroidery machine and use more of the options on my machine. Use the tutorial to experiment.
22. Go to a beach and spend time there with family or friends.
23. Have a family gathering dinner or BBQ like we used to do with all the Walden relatives here at the cabin in summer or at the Wattenburg building or Soil Conservation building.
24. Do something for charity. I need ideas possibly organize a run/walk here in North Park or some type of quilting thing or cookie bake or SOMETHING!
25. Take another cruise--maybe for Carla's 50th birthday?
26. Spend a vacation in Hawaii
27. Read Paul Richard's book about North Park
28. Remodel the bathroom
29. Tear out the blue sweater I knitted and was too big and long armed and knit another sweater with the yarn.
30. Knit an ear flap hat with really cool yarn like the Opal yarn I'm using to knit a pair of socks.

I intend to add on to this list as time goes by and I remember more things I want to do!


  1. Let me know when you are going to get to Vegas. I will be there to visit with you! I will get Norma and Shawn and Steven and Amanda to come also.

  2. Will do. It may not be for awhile but I am looking forward to seeing everyone!