Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Traveling in the South

On Monday morning we left Lake Placid, FL in a huge rainstorm!  We had to drive up US 27 for about 100 miles in this rain and it is not a fun highway to drive in under any circumstances.  I don't understand why whoever plans transportation in states didn't think about an interstate running down the middle of the Florida peninsula.  Highway 27 is filled with semi's, orange hauling trucks, RV's of all sorts (especially this time of year when all the snow bunnies are heading back up North) plus all the local traffic of every small town (with at least one stop light but usually 3-4 or more in the case of the bigger towns) along the way.  It took us 2 1/2 hour to make it up to the Florida Turnpike 100 miles away!  Of course we were showered with water every time we got near a semi which was very often!  Finally when we got up to about Ocala where I-75 and the turnpike intersect  the rain stopped and we headed up north to I-10.  It took us 4 1/2 hours to get from Lake Placid to the Alabama border!  After that we had a fairly sunny drive passing through Mobile, Biloxi, Gulfport, and all the way to the outskirts of Baton Rouge where we decided to quit for the day and found a place to stay.

As I was checking in a man came in and asked if I liked seafood.  I said I did and he highly recommended the restaurant next door called Don's Seafood.  We got settled and went over to it.  The menu said they had been in business since 1934!  They had pictures on the wall from the 1950s.  The waitress asked if we knew about their Monday specials and proceeded to tell us about their oysters.  Bob had already seen the oysters on the half shell on the menu and come to find out on Mondays they are $0. 25 apiece!  He ordered 1 1/2 dozen for $4.50!!!! And he ate them all plus a cup of crawfish bisque.  I had the seafood salad.  It had 8 large very fresh shrimp, about 1/2 cup of lump crab, and 1 cup of spicy crawfish (all not in the shell) a hard boiled egg, cherry tomatoes all on top of a huge bowl of greens!  I took half of it back to the room which had a refrigerator and we brought it back to Texas in our ice chest.  The dressing was on the side so it was great.  They really specialize in good old southern fried and cajun cooking but had a lot of just broiled type fish too.  Fried catfish and red beans seemed to be really popular that night along with the oysters.  We found out the original Don's was in Lafayette and there are 6 of them around that region including one in New Orleans.  The oysters we could tell had been caught (harvested??) that day.  They were huge and very,very fresh!  I would recommend this place to anyone who is in the Baton Rouge or Lafayette areas to check it out.

Bob's oysters after he already ate his half dozen!

My salad after I ate more than half the shrimp and crab!

The next day we got up and headed to San Antonio, a drive that takes us through Lafayette, Lake Charles,  Beaumont, and Houston. We got here about 4 in the afternoon and it was so nice and warm! Around 80-85 degrees.  The kids went outside to catch butterflies and play.  So here we are!  Ready for more adventures.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Preparing to Leave

 Today is our last day in Lake Placid.  Lynn has left a list of things to do before leaving tomorrow so I am working on it even as I am writing this.  This winter was billed as "unusual" down here by everyone we talked to.  It certainly was different than all the other times we have been here at this time of year.  (I have been coming down on spring break since before Mom and Dad moved here from Ft. Lauderdale!--Many. many years ago).  It has been cold here almost the whole time and those who have been here since November say it has been cold the whole season! It rained most of the days we were here and it was not a warm gentle rain either.  A cold wind from the north has blown many days as well.  Anyway..... the last few days have finally been warm and more typical of March in central Florida.  The weather report is for big rain by noon today and it is pretty cloudy already.  Oh well, so much for the weather report!

Yesterday we picked grapefruits off  Dad's tree to take back to Texas with us.  We decided to go up to Sebring for dinner at Outback Steakhouse.  We have never had a bad dinner at an Outback.  We really like their steaks and I absolutely LOVE the Ahi Tuna on the appetizer menu.  I was torn between the Ribeye and the tuna but finally chose the steak.  There was so much of it that I could bring home enough for dinner for both of us tonight!  I have to mention their blue cheese and pecan chopped salad.  It was very good!  Bob had the prime rib and enjoyed it as well.  When we were seated, we noticed a lot of tables pushed together and set for many people.  When they came it was a Hispanic or maybe Cuban family celebrating someone in the group's birthday.  Grandma, Grampa, parents, children and grand children were all there.  There were at least 11 young children, possibly 2 teenaged boys and 3 young couples plus the grand and great grand parents.  The children were so well behaved and all dressed up and so beautiful!  The kids parents were taking pictures of everyone.  It reminded me of going out to eat in Wendover!  We left before their cake came so I don't know whose birthday it was.  I had to chuckle to myself when I heard the young girls (5 of them about 6-10 years old sitting together) all giggling together and so excited to be able to order grilled cheese sandwiches at Outback!  Brought back many memories!

Dad's grapefruit tree still with grapefruits but also blossoms!

Grapefruits high up in the tree

Still some nice grapefruits to be picked.

Lynn's tomatoes.  Too bad they didn't get ripe while we were here but Rhonda and Henry will get them!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cooking Disasters

Yesterday I was craving chocolate so I decided to make some brownies.  I have a really good brownie recipe at home and I also like some of the box mixes from Sams (especially the Ghiardelli triple chocolate one!).  Here, I decided to use Dad's Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook but when I found the recipe I discovered I only had 3 eggs and it called for four and I don't think Lynn has any squares of chocolate so I would have to substitute cocoa for the squares.  (Lynn is not a fan of chocolate so no chocolate chips either!)  I couldn't find the substitution chart so I thought, OK, I'll go to my old standby  I found all kinds of brownie recipes so I narrowed down to the ones using cocoa and 3 eggs or less and found a "quick and easy" recipe.  First mistake--I didn't look at the star rating; second mistake--I didn't read the comments!  Both bad mistakes since nobody was happy with the results including one lady's 2 year old!  I will say it was quick and easy.  I kind of thought it didn't have enough flour so I added some and I should have thought about the cocoa, too (only 2 Tbsp.).  I stuck them in the oven and then sat down and read the comments.  Sure enough, my brownies came out looking very anemic and had not much chocolate taste at all!  At least the flour soaked up a lot of the greasyness everyone talked about so they were kind of cake-like. I hate wasting food so I'm thinking maybe Egar,  Harry (the Heron) or Mr. Sand Crane will enjoy them!

Bad Brownies!  Notice the pale, non-rich color!

 At first Harry ignores the brownie!

 After I break it up he checks out the bites

 Finally he takes a bite,  He then shook his head and left the rest to the crows!

The first cooking disaster I can remember was when Mom let me cook dinner for the family (I don't remember how old I was but maybe about 10).  She had taught me how to make Porcupine Meatballs and I was going to have them with baked potatoes.  After I put the potatoes in the oven at 400 degrees, I decided to go outside and play for awhile (Mom had said one hour on the potatoes).  Well, when I came in and checked them, guess what?  They had exploded in the oven--I forgot to prick them with the fork!  I had a nice mess to clean up after that!  I have never forgotten that since, so it was a lesson well learned!

 One other sort of disaster that Bob reminds me of almost every time I cook rice was when we were first married.  I know I made rice before that (once for a final lab exam in college and I severely burned my arm when I lifted the lid and the steam burned me!  I had to be a gracious hostess to my instructor who I never liked very much.  I was almost in tears from the pain and stress of the final and she gave me the only C I ever got in college!) )  Back to my first experience at the ranch.  I must have looked at the recipe on the package (not Minute Rice, by the way) and followed it exactly.  It was just Bob and I and when I opened the pan, being very careful not to burn myself, rice came tumbling out.  Bob insists I had washtubs full of rice but I don't think it was that bad!  I think that recipe called for 2 cups of raw rice which did make a lot for 2 people but I still say it wasn't a washtub full!

 Update on Bob and Mr. Sand Crane.  He really wants to bite Bob!  But Bob pulled back just in time.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A condo in our future?????

 Up here in Lake Placid, Bob is asking Mr. Sand Crane to bite him!  Egar is waiting to see what happens!

Yesterday we got up really early (well, 6:45 AM) and got ready to head down to Lehigh Acres for the second time in less than a week!  Cousin Mike wanted us to know that a unit two doors down from them on the first floor was being put up for sale and did we want to have a look at it?  We decided it was only about an hour's drive away so went.  We toured it with Mike (it doesn't take long to tour a 950 square foot condo).  I took some pictures which I will share.  We had another nice visit with them and we all were amazed that in less than 3 weeks we had seen each other 3 times and hadn't seen each other before that in 30 years!!
 View of the corner of the unit with golf course in background

 Pool area with club house in back

 Dining area with the pass-through to the kitchen

 The condo is fully furnished with upscale furniture (kind of like Mom's in Ft. Lauderdale), dishes, linens, the whole works!  The kitchen has been upgraded along with the 2 bathrooms, windows, and a new air conditioner.  It is a corner unit on the first floor and overlooks the golf course.  It has a nice compact Lanai (Florida room, screened porch) that will seat 4 people comfortably.  Very nice.  We were impressed but the best part about this is that we have relatives close by (although not direct family--which is a problem for us) and we met many very nice people who live there .  There are plenty of activities going on every week so you can be as busy as you want or you can just go to the pool and chill out if that is more your style.  Now we just have to think about it and see if we can afford it or if we want to look around more.  Decisions, decisions, decisions!

 Light airy Master Bedroom

Living room furniture is Florida style.

A tiny, compact kitchen!

The guest room.  Notice the plantation shutters.  I really like them!

 We have really enjoyed getting reacquainted with our cousins.  Mike stayed with us on the ranch a few summers when he was a teenager!  He even remembers changing JJ's diapers!  Now she is a grandmother!!!!!  We didn't get to see Maryanne this last visit but I would like to spend more time with them too.

 View of the golf course from the Lanai

 We will be here for another few days and then it is off to San Antonio to be with the great-grand-daughters again!  Bob is getting a little antsy  to get home but I'm thinking it is still snowy up there and I want to drive in when we get there!  Just yesterday schools were closed and also roads all over southern Wyoming and Colorado (including Denver).  It has finally warmed up and is beautiful here!

Mr. Turtle is swimming down to his favorite Lily Pad

 The Sand Crane Pecks at Himself on The Bay Window!  What a Dummy! These 2 pictures are in Lake Placid.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain

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As I mentioned yesterday, it was very overcast and finally by mid-afternoon (around 3PM) we had a rainstorm.  When it rains here it is different than in Colorado or Nevada.  Here it rains hard and continues to rain hard for hours!  At home it rains hard and is done.  Well, last night about 5 PM the thunder and lightening started and about half an hour later the lights started to flicker.  It was still kind of light out--as light as overcast can be.  So I wasn't too worried about power going off but finally the lights gave a final flicker and we lost all power.  I then realized I needed to scout out where candles were.  Fortunately Lynn and I are our mother's daughters and tend to put away things where Mom did.  I quickly found candles and a flashlight but then I was at a loss to find matches.  Mom always had matches everywhere but none of us smoke so don't need matches that much.  I went through many drawers and even found a bunch more candles but no matches!  Well, finally I got to the kitchen utility (junk-type) drawer and there they were!  I gathered up some of the best smelling and most substantial looking candles and lit them.  Nice ambiance for the darkened kitchen.  It still was light enough to read out in the Florida room and the rain had actually let up to just a drizzle.  I went out there and read my Kindle for about 2 chapters, looked up and the lights were back on!  A nice adventure for us in somebody else's house!

 Here is Egar Junior.  he is not quite sure what to eat or how to eat so I guess he thinks he needs to try the banana nut muffins!

This got me to thinking about other times when the power had a habit of going out on Friday's, weekends and many times during the school day up in Owyhee.  School was either out or they had to close down after so long without power and we were free!  It always took a long time to find where the break was because the power came from somewhere beyond Jarbidge (maybe Twin Falls).  The power guys had to follow the lines through all this remote area and sometimes it was 2 or 3 days before they found the problem!  Most of the time everyone headed up to Boise for a few days of shopping, eating and sleeping in a warm room.  On several occasions, though, the road was closed so we had to stay put at the teacher compound.  Our duplexes were heated by electric heat so we would all get together in one apartment and pool our food and play games.  The most popular one was How to Host a Murder.  I had brought a bunch of them with me when we moved up there so they were new to everyone but me.  That was OK because I never could remember "who dun it"!  We had some Coleman Lanterns that actually put out some heat with their light and we had a Coleman Stove too, so we could cook.  Those were some great times!  It really was a bonding experience.  The people we worked with up there will always be near and dear to me even if we haven't seen each other in a long time!

The rain continued here all night and until about 8 AM this morning.  Then it just quit and now the sun is out and it looks like a lovely afternoon is in store for us!  As I was sitting out in the Florida Room when it first started raining yesterday I considered making a video of how hard it was raining and how the palms were kind of looking like the hurricane pictures we see on TV, but I didn't do it.  Now I don't have a picture for this segment of my blog.  Oh well........  So I decided to take pictures of the banana nut muffins I'm making to use up some ingredients before we leave.


 Here are the muffins ready to eat out at the Gazebo

Here is Egar eyeing the muffins on the railing.                                                

Sunday, March 21, 2010

How my last week went!

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Oh Oh! it has been a week since I wrote something! I better get in gear and do something about that! The week slipped by with some busyness but it seems like I did a lot of reading and lounging around too!

Last Monday Lynn and I went up to South Florida Community College (in Avon Park) to a concert by the Navy Band. It was wonderful. The college just built a new auditorium and the acoustics and views are excellent. I think the most impressive piece that was played was called Fantasie Brillante on Themes of Bizet's Carmen. It was a showcase for a brilliant performance by the piccolo soloist. She was superb! We figured she had to have at least 3 tongues to do what she did. (hehehe). The whole show was great and varied.

The Orange Blossoms are starting to bloom and they smell divine!

The next few days of the week went by with me getting a blood test and then going up for the results at Lake Placid Hospital. While I was there I saw a flyer for a chili competition to raise funds for the hospital so I asked some questions about it and am seriously thinking of entering the competition ($15 entry fee). It is on Wednesday and they said they just bring a crockpot full of their chili there. Only problem is Lynn doesn't have a crockpot! I guess I could go buy one but I doubt she would use it if I did get it. I have too many at home to get another one. The next problem is what chili recipe to make. My old standby chili or maybe Annie's white chili that I love! The lab tech mentioned people do make that too. I guess I'll cogitate on it a little longer! Maybe we'll just go up there to see and taste all the other chilis. It is $5 for the Bar
B Que and tasting. I told the ladies they weren't going to make much for their fund raising but it really is mostly a PR thing to get people up to tour the hospital, I guess.

 Breakfast at Main Street Diner is a must!

On Friday we took Lynn and Bill down to Ft. Lauderdale to get on their cruise ship. They are off and sailing to Lisbon as I write this. We left and went across Alligator Alley and up to Lehigh Acres to spend the night with Mike and Sandi Struble. We had a very enjoyable time. I especially liked the "Cocktail Hour". About 5:30 PM many of the people living in the Condo Complex drift out to the pool with their iced tea, wine, beer or whatever and sit around and visit. Actually there were so many out there the night we went that another group congregated in the courtyard. it was really fun to meet and visit with people from all over the US and Canada as well as some from Scotland and England.

The cousins and spouses.  Kathi fixed up this picture for me and I really like it!

We had dinner with some friends of Mike and Sandi's from Michigan and Maryanne. Then we sat up and visited until after midnight. A fun time. Their condo is very nice and compact but they have upgraded, remodeled and decorated it and it is lovely. The next day we went over to Maryanne and Bob Duracky's home and again it is very nice. They have done a lot of work upgrading and decorating and it looks great! They have a large corner lot that they are working on now! That afternoon we drove back to Lake Placid (only 53 miles away!).

The weather was warm and sunny with no wind when we got home but today it is cooler and overcast so although yesterday was the first day of Spring it still is unusually cool here!

Azaleas in full bloom in the yard

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Short Visit with Laura in Vero Beach

Yesterday I drove to Vero Beach (about 2 hour drive) to see my Owyhee friend, Laura. Originally Bob was going to go too but he was stricken down with stomach problems again so didn't sleep all night. He stayed home to rest up. It was a beautiful Sunday and the drive was great. Absolutely no truck traffic on State Road 70! (during the week this two lane highway is a nightmare loaded with truckers) and I-95 was not congested either!

Laura met me at a mall and did the driving in Vero Beach so I didn't have to deal with maps and tourist and downtown traffic. There was an Art in the Park kind of event going on in the civic park area near the shore. It truly was Art mostly (not a craft show-type thing). It also was the first beautiful weekend of the year (so everyone around was saying!). The fair was packed, but we did manage to see what we wanted to, along with everyone else. They had all kinds of art, hand-made jewelry, pottery, sculpture, (large and small), blown glass, wooden objects (bowls, figures, etc.) and more. Some quite exotic things, of course. It was fun and we visited as we wandered through the 100 plus booths. Prices were high but there were some prettys that were going for cut rates. However, we did not buy anything. Carla wanted me to take pictures of some of the jewelry to give her ideas but it was so crowded and I'm not sure the artists would want someone to copy their original work so I didn't . I did ask and get permission to take a picture of a Florida Highwayman painting a picture. I am not sure if he is a true Florida Highway man (I now wish I had taken his card so I would know for sure) but he did have a big sign saying Florida Highwayman Art so he may be one. Wikipedia says some of them are still painting and selling their art. Here is a short summary of who they are.

The Highwaymen
, also referred to as the Florida Highwaymen, are a loose association of twenty-six African American artists from Fort Pierce, Florida, USA. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s they painted approximately 200,000 paintings and then sold them out their cars. At the end of the 1960s, the artists ceased painting and slipped into obscurity. They were re-discovered in the mid-1990s by Jim Fitch. Since then they have become renowned for their idyllic landscapes of rural Florida. The Highwaymen were inducted into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame in 2004.

You can read more about them and who they are at:

My Picture of the Florida Highwayman. He is painting a Poinciana Tree in full bloom (Not done yet) "to show tourists how they look when blooming in summer" . Lynn says there is a lovely pink one on Main Street in Lake Placid but all the ones he painted were red.

As we wound our way through the booths we built up an appetite for lunch so, being down near the beach and me craving some good seafood, we headed for somewhere to eat! We found a seafood grill with eating on the terrace overlooking the water. We had a lovely small meal of 2 appetizer plates which we shared. They were(for all you foodies) Coconut Shrimp with an excellent mango chutney dip and Crab Cakes with a Remoulade Sauce. I couldn't resist their dessert special and ordered their Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, very delicious! The weather was great although the breeze was still a touch chilly but a sweater was perfect to ward off the chill.

Then on to do some shopping at the outlet mall out on I-95. This is a huge mall and has some good stores in it. Unlike the Loveland outlet mall in which many of the stores are closed, all stores are open for business and look to be thriving. The huge parking lot was jammed with cars and RV vehicles. I even think it might be kind of like the Bellingham (WA) Mall used to be when Canadians used to come down and spend the weekend in their RVs while they shopped. (not so the way the dollar is now!) , but these would be "snow bunnies" from the North.

Because this was the first day of Daylight Savings I had an extra hour to shop with. How fun was that!!! Laura and I parted after a great day of visiting and I drove back, getting there long before dark.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Some Reading and Viewing suggestions for Foodies

Future Foodies!

OK-- Since I have been here at Lynn and Bill's we have been viewing some very foodie type movies and because Lynn is really into food and is a librarian by trade, she has recommended and I have read some great books relating to the business of food preparation. Here are some of the films and books I have seen or read and also some suggestions from Lynn.

Ratatouille--we particularly love the scenes where there is lots of kitchen action and kitchen management tips.

Dinner Rush--An older film made in 2000 about gangsters and a restaurant owned by one. The kitchen action (again) and the pure enjoyment of Italian food depicted in this film is great! The side story (in my opinion is pretty good too).

Tortilla Soup--a remake of "Eat Drink,Man, Woman" a film made in 1994 in Taiwan that Lynn loved mostly because it was filmed at the Grand Hotel in Taipei and they had visited it several times. I think it also showed some scenes of Taipei that they recognized. Both these films show cooking action at home and at the restaurant. The side story is good in both of them showing the struggle between the traditionalist and the new within the family.

Julie, Julia--What can I say, a great movie! I loved it and I bought it to watch again and again. Meryl Streep is superb as Julia Child!

An avid Foodie preparing the Christmas ham!

I'm sure there are more but these are the ones I have seen recently. Of course I have to recommend Food, Inc as well. I definitely would have shown this film to my students if it had been available back then. It is food for thought for everyone! I also should mention these books. The Omnivore's Dilemma (see my previous blog) and the book My Life in France by Julia Child and Julie Powell's blog. The movie Julie and Julia was based on these two along with Julia Child's Mastering French Cooking. I have seen these books at Barnes and Nobles but have not read them.

Now for some books I or Lynn have enjoyed! These are mostly mysteries that include recipes with them. I have tried many of the recipes from Joanne Fluke and they are excellent!

Last Bite a Novel of Culinary Romance--by Nancy Verde Barr. Nancy Barr was Julia Child's longtime executive chef for her TV food show. This is a "lighthearted romance with a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of TV cooking shows..." according to Nancy Thayer, a fellow author. I loved all the description of what has to be done to film a live and then a pre-filmed TV show. Very detailed and interesting!

The Proof is in the Pudding--Melinda Wells. There are 2 other mysteries by Melinda also--"Death takes the Cake" and "Killer Mousse" I have read a sample of the first one and it sounds very good. Mystery, humor and, of course, the recipes.
The Diva Runs Out of Thyme--Krista Davis. Another murder mystery writer with great recipes and great tips on entertaining. Kitchen Diva Sophie's renovated (circa 1850's) kitchen sounds great! Krista has written two other kitchen Diva books. I haven't read them yet but I intend to and to copy down some of the recipes too.
Dying for Chocolate--Diane Mott Davidson . Her second book in a series of 14 books about Caterer Goldie Bear and her detective skills around Aspen Meadows, Colorado. Lots of great recipes here too and lots of action, too!
Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder-- Joanne Fluke. Joanne has written at least 14 books about Hannah Swensen of Lake Eden, Minnesota. She owns the Cookie Jar and does lots of catering along with a lot of sleuthing. Many murders seem to take place in this small town but is is always good reading and lots of cookie and other sweets recipes. I have made some of these recipes and all have been very good! Other titles include: Carrot Cake Murder, Cream Puff Murder, Apple Turnover Murder....... you get the idea!

A Darn Good Chocolate Cake made by some Foodies Young and Old!

Budding young Foodies doing some cookie decorating

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm on Kathi's Soapbox

Today it is overcast with rain showers, but warm. Bob is sick with the stomach flu. I'm pretty sure it is not food poisoning since Lynn had the same thing about 5-6 days ago and Micah had it when we were there. Also Bob didn't eat anything too out of the ordinary and neither did Lynn or Micah. I'm worried about getting it since it has very strong stomach cramps with it and I don't want to have my lapband slip from dry heaves! It also includes diarrhea so it is very miserable!

Anyway..... While I was playing nurse this morning I was reading a book on my Kindle explaining "The Good Mood Diet" and she had long footnotes and resource lists to back up her research for this diet. One of the things she is a proponent of is eating natural and organic foods for good mood even if it is just because you are helping our Earth (makes you feel good about yourself I guess). One of the books she relied on was called "the Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael P0llan. He is also the journalist in Food, Inc. that followed the food chain back to the beginning to answer the question, "Where does our food come from?"

I downloaded a sample from the book and read it this morning and it was so interesting I now have to buy the book! It is good reading for anyone interested in following up on the movie Food, Inc. He discusses in detail 4 different types of meals. 1. The industrial food chain 2. The "industrial organic" food chain 3. The organic food chain 4. The hunter-gatherer food chain. He goes from the plate back to the earth that produced the meal. Should be interesting. The introduction was very interesting to me and the beginning of the first chapter discusses how corn has become so much of what we eat. There is one part in the chapter that discusses the sex life of corn that was really interesting to me because I guess I never had a botany class so didn't know why corn has become such a big thing in the food industry.

A cornfield near Huatulco Mexico

I looked up Michael Pollan' the author, on the internet and discovered he was one of the people who made the film Food, Inc. (which, by the way, was nominated for an Oscar in the documentary division but didn't win). There was an interesting interview on CBS with him and the director so I am including a link to it here.

I thought I wrote about Food, Inc. earlier but maybe not. We watched it at Danny's a while back and I have been recommending it to every one I see! We watched it again here at Lynn's and I still am very impressed. Raising beef and chickens the natural way is what Danny is doing and I agree with him that we have to go back to that way of producing our meat! it may not do a whole lot of good but maybe it will help to improve our food supply if each person tries to do their part in this movement. If you haven't seen it you can get it on Netflix. There are lots of trailers on Youtube too.

The name of the diet book is: The Good Mood Diet: Feel Great While You Lose Weight by Susan M Kiener and Bob Condor.

Susan is a leading nutrition authority on eating for strength. She is from Seattle and this diet was tested by a group called the Good Mood Diet weight loss group. The diet was featured in the Seattle Post Intelligencer. It is interesting and quite doable in my opinion.

Well, so much for the soap box for today. Check out Kathi's blog: for her 3 part series on food safety and eating natural and organic foods.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Linger Lodge and Various Other Pictures

Awhile ago Sue, one of the Backwoods bunch, requested a picture of Lynn and I now that we have aged (can't think of a better euphanism ) to see how we've changed. You could go to yesterday's blog to see how we look while line dancing but I just happen to have another picture to post of us.
I will also post a couple of other ones from our drive over to Bradenton to pick up Lois and some other shots of some of our sun(or lack of it) and fun at Lake Placid.

On our way home from Bradenton we stopped for lunch at Linger Lodge. It is kind of off the beaten path located on the Braden river. It is billed as one of "THE TOP 5 WEIRDEST RESTAURANTS IN THE US" according to Al Roker. They serve frog legs and alligator and have all kind of stuffed wild animals all over the restaurant.

Lynn and I at Linger Lodge under the Alligator

Lynn and I down by Grassy Lake

Me, Lois and Lynn behind the Linger Lodge

Riding the bike on Daisy Lane

Lynn looks at it raining from their Florida room

The sign at the beach of "Lake June in Winter"

Two amazing dogs we watched on the beach. They are perfectly synchronized as they retrieve a frisbee. It's like they are joined at the hip!