Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good News/ Bad News and my Kindle

Good news and bad news today! First the good news:
We went to town for my blood draw and I got new bulbs for my kitchen light! Now I can see what I'm doing in the kitchen again. Second piece of good news is that I got my Kindle out of the car in town where I had left it a week ago! The battery wasn't even run out--what a deal! I am back to reading again!

Now for the bad news:
I took little movies of us driving up to the cabin in the Argo and plan to make one movie with titles and music and everything in it. I called Kathi and got all the info on how to do it and what program to use and was all set to make my first movie . To my complete frustration, I discovered that my camera makes Quick Time movies and they arn't supported by Windows Movie Maker! I can't save them as a different type file unless I buy Quick Time Pro 7 and I see that it has a rating of 2 1/2 stars out of 5! I'm afraid it won't work after I buy it for $30! Anyone know anything about it? I see that if I have a Mac I can make movies on Quick Time Pro but what about on Windows? Also I hope that if I bought it I could change the format and make the movie on Windows Movie Maker but who knows if that will work! I guess I'll just have to do some more research. Maybe there's another movie maker that will work. I guess I'll try Google.

About my Kindle. It is the neatest book! I have over 50 books on it right now. I go to Amazon every so often and check out all the freebie books and get them if they sound interesting. Once I have read a book I can archive it on Amazon.com so I don't have an overload of books on my Kindle. If I want to read it again I can just download it with 1 click to my Kindle again. I can get the latest best sellers for $9.99 at any time with just 1 click. There are thousands and thousands of all kinds of books available. Even cookbooks! I got a free crockpot cookbook with some really good sounding recipes in it. I just got a free diet and exercise book by Leslie Sansone with a lot of good sounding recipes in it too. The only problem I see with it is that there is no way to quickly find the recipe you want. I don't think there is an index but maybe I'll check it again.

Last fall when we were in Nebraska for a chicken processing event, it snowed and the water froze and we couldn't do anything for a few days. Of course Kathi and I found plenty to do but Bob was bored so I downloaded 25 Zane Grey books for $0.99 for him to read. It entertained him the whole time. Carla bought him a Kindle just for himself for Christmas so now we both can read to our hearts content!

I have actually paid for some of my books too. I found some that I had been wanting to read for a long time and got them for less than $10 each . Some of them were only a few dollars. I have been enjoying them along with my free ones! There are some classics that are free or only a dollar or two that I need to read too!

The Kindle has an option for you to subscribe to all kinds of newspapers and magazines. If you want to read the New York Times for instance you can get it on your Kindle every day. I don't know how much the subscription fee is but I don't think it is much. I'm not sure how I'd like that, though if part of the enjoyment is spreading out the newspaper to read it because the Kindle is very compact. One nice feature of it, though, is that you can adjust the size of print from very tiny to extra large! If you get tired of reading you can click it and it will read to you!

Well, That's it for today! I'll put up one little sample of my video for you until I can find a way to make my movies!

Notice the spots of water where the flying snow hit the lens of the camera!


  1. bummer about your movies! maybe Bob should audition for American Idol, he has such a beautiful singing voice!

  2. I loved Dad's singing in this video. Did he know that you were videoing?