Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On Viewing Food, Inc

I need to get up on my soap box for this one!

We just got done watching the movie Food, Inc with Danny and Kathi. He got it from Netflix. It is a very interesting movie and is great to watch with other people because it will definitely generate a lot of discussion--especially for people who raise food for a living! Actually I had heard about the movie earlier this year when local (Fort Collins) talk show hosts did a movie review of it. Their review caused a lot of discussion on the show. Many farmers and ranchers (who had never seen it) called to say what a bad movie it was, while people from the city called to say they had changed their shopping and eating habits because of it. It actually supports a lot of Danny's philosophy of farming and ranching and even Bob supported what they were talking about. He did say he felt they were exaggerating the food safety part a bit. Anyway, I believe everyone needs to view this movie because what they are talking about is true and we all need to know about it! And by the way, Danny and Kathi do raise and sell their natural, grass fed cattle and pastured poultry on their own without the help of big industry! Well, that's my soap box speech for the day!

Colton and Chris with Manville Pastured Poultry

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  1. Nice picture of the boys. I want to grow my own food.