Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some Thoughts on Snowing

I'm looking out the window and the snow is really coming down! A few minutes ago, the sun was shining! That's how it seems to go up here. The wind is really blowing now, too. I was thinking of going out and taking a picture to add to this blog, but, it looks too cold and blowy right now!

Whenever it is a very snowy day it is really strange but I get very excited. I think it stems back to a time when I was young and looked forward to a snow day or more from school. Because I taught for many years I still looked forward to snow days as I got older. Of course if we had to drive somewhere on days like this, I did not look forward to that!

One of my memories of being snowed in is from way back in 1949 when big blizzards hit a lot of the country. We lived in Milwaukee and I was in third grade at Jefferson grade school. It was a Wednesday and I had Brownies after school that day. It had been snowing all day but at that age it only meant more fun!

Sue, my best friend and next door neighbor, and I stayed after school waiting for Brownies to start. Somehow I missed the message from Mom to come right home after school. Our leader never came and we were laughing about how everyone was too chicken to come to the meeting. About 15 or 20 minutes later, the school cook found us and told us to wait right there while she got a ride home for us (1 mile and 2 tenths from school). We thought she was really "dumb" for thinking we couldn't walk home but she insisted it was too bad outside for kids to be walking home. It was also getting dark by then (Milwaukee is pretty far north so it got dark early there).

About a half hour later her high school age son, David, came and got us. I remember it took us over an hour to get home. When we got there my sister, Lynn, who had left right after school to walk home wasn't there yet! Neither was Mom or my brother. David drove back the route to and from school looking for Lynn. He found her sitting beside the road about 2/3 of the way home too tired to go on. She was really lucky he found her! Mom and Tip got home shortly after David dropped off Lynn. They had been looking for both of us along the road, too. I don't remember when Dad got home.

Sue's dad did not even get home. He was stranded in downtown Milwaukee in a streetcar station I think it was almost a week before he made it home! It was a huge blizzard and our whole neighborhood was snowed in for more than a week! I will have to tell of all the fun and excitement we had during that time in another blog!

I finally psyched myself to go out and shoot some snowy day pics so there is one on this blog! Yaaay for digital cameras!


  1. Penny, I remember that snow storm. Dad finally got home ... he hitched a ride on the back of an ice truck! Somewhere in my collection of photos is a pix of all of Backwoods out trying to shovel out the lane. All great memories.
    Sue Z

  2. Sue, I remember that picture. I even tried to find it here, but I think someone else in the family got it. There was another one of someone standing on one of the snowdrifts touching the phone lines, I think, too.