Saturday, January 2, 2010

More About Me

Since I could only write 1200 characters about me on the profile I decided I would save the rest of what I wrote in Microsoft word and then I could paste it into this post. Too bad I don't know more about html because it keeps coming up as an error message so I guess I'll just print it out and then retype it. Here's hoping my printer works for wireless printing this time! (another whole high tech story!). Woo Hoo, it worked! Here goes:
You can read the first part on my profile and then refer to this:

Marianne is our oldest daughter. She is married to Pat Ailles and they have 2 boys, Brendin, 18, and Darcy, 13. They live in Burlington, Washington. Marianne is a planner and Pat is an exterminator (the bug judge). Carla, our second oldest , is married to Jim Shriver and they live in Casper, Wyoming. They have 2 sons, Paul, 21, and Thomas, 18. Carla is a speech pathologist and Jim is a geologist in the Uranium business. Jeanette (JJ) is our third daughter. She is married to Ozzie Jones. They live in Elko, Nevada and have a son, Micah, 26, daughter in law, Kim, 26, 3 grandchildren (Alyssa, 6, Samara, 4, and Natalie, 2), and a daughter, Erin, 21. JJ is a second grade teacher (also certified Special Education teacher) and Ozzie is head of maintenance at Spring Creek High School. Our youngest is Danny. He was married to Beth who died of an overdose of pain killer while having her tonsils out at 26 years old. They had 2 sons, Colton, 19, and Skyler, 16. Danny married Kathi and she has 2 sons, Chris, 19, and Nick, 21.

I helped on the ranch and raised our children for 20 years and then taught Home Economics (Family and Consumer Science) and a variety of other courses at North Park Jr.-Sr. High School for 14 years. They ended my Family and Consumer Science program and I resigned and got a job teaching in Elko County School District in Nevada on the Duck Valley Indian Reservation 92 miles north of Elko. It was a wonderful experience and I have many friends from that time in my life. After 3 years there I was transferred to West Wendover, NV ( still in Elko County) where I taught for 11 more years. I retired and for the last 6 years have been living on our upper ranch at "the cabin" 2 1/2 miles from the nearest neighbor. In winter we have to snowmobile in from the neighbor's buildings. I have a small business doing custom embroidering for family and customers. The business is called Meemo in the Mountains. Bob and I enjoy the solitude and beauty around us along with all our wildlife friends.

The rest of my story is listed in the interests and hobbies section of the profile. Well, that's about it for me. I hope to write about our life in the mountains and stories of our lives on the ranch and my teaching experiences. I also will be reflecting on my weight loss surgery and how it has changed my life. Soooo many things to talk about! I guess that's what comes from living in isolation!

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