Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Nat Goes Shopping

It's a rainy, blustery day here today. Grampa and I are baby sitting with Natalie while Kim and Samara are at Mother's Day Out. Natalie usually goes too but she is recovering from ear infections in both ears so we stayed home with her. We ended up taking her shopping because there was still money on the $100 gift card at Target and we had forgotten to buy underwear for the Haitian orphans. Natalie and I went into the store and I am so out of practice taking care of little ones that I had given her a fruit rollup for a snack on the way to the store and as I took her out of the car I realized she was sticky from head to toe and her whole face had a kinda green shade to it. (not from sickness but from candy dye!) We spent quite a bit of time getting cleaned up in the store bathroom and finally went to get the biggest packages of underwear we could find. Then I realized I didn't know how to translate dress sizes to underwear sizes for kids. My mind is really slipping I guess since I did have 4 children of my own to buy clothes for! We finally asked for help and got the right sizes I hope! Then I decided they probably needed boys underwear too so I hunted around for big packages of them too.

As we were headed for the checkout Natalie and I went by a Valentine Day special on little skirts with shorts attached. Just what Kim and I had looked for yesterday and didn't find at a reasonable price. These were $4 each so I found the right sizes and the least "valentiney" looking ones that were not white. And got those so then we had to pick out matching tops. Very cute outfits if I do say so myself. Of course we went quite a bit over the $8 we had left over but we did get a bunch of stuff to send down for the children!

Our next stop was the church to drop off the clothes and then on to the grocery store. By this time it had quit raining but was still windy. It also was time for us to be getting back home and feeding Nattie lunch and a nap. Grampa and Little Nat had a few rounds in the grocery store over sitting down in the cart and throwing shoes and blankie out of the cart. Grampa finally put the shoe she threw out in his pocket and the blankie on the bottom shelf of the cart. Nattie was happy so no big deal. About 4 people had to tell me she was missing a shoe as we left for the car! Now we are home and a very overtired Natalie finally is asleep. I think Grampa is too! She is wearing him out but he needs the exercise so it is good for him! In about 1/2 hour we are going to take Alyssa to her gymnastics (if Natalie is not awake I think I will just go and Grampa can stay here with her.) Kim and Mara are going to help pack up the stuff for the airplane trip to Haiti.

I still haven't decided on what to have for dinner but I'll figure something out. The cake is going to wait until Micah's birthday in a few days so that's not on today's list after all. Well, I'm going to get the kitchen cleaned up now if I have time. No pictures yet but soon.....

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