Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting Ready to Leave

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I'm sitting here watching the birds eat and trying to figure out a way to make the birdseeds last for the 2-3 months we will be gone. I hope they (the birds, squirrels and mink) find a new place to be fed! My peanut butter balls get eaten up in less than a day now! I think the squirrels are hauling them away to their nests for future eating--anyway I hope that is the case! This happens every year up here. When I was teaching in NV I had to go back after Christmas leaving the birds to fend for themselves. The last few years we have gone south so I think the birds are OK. They always come back when the first snows hit and I do think they are the same ones but have brought their extended families with them lately! We have used 60-75 lbs. of seeds already this fall and winter.

Another thing I am contemplating is whether I want to take the Argo out tomorrow with a big load of trash. Bob says just leave it on the porch until we get back but here's my worry. Last year we returned to no snow and green grass. That means the bears were out of hibernation and had probably already had their big eating binge. What if they find the trash this year before we get back? That will bring them back to our house all summer and I won't be able to put out the hummingbird feeders. Not to mention I really don't want bears lurking around our cabin from now on!

A few other thoughts that have been running through my mind about leaving my beloved cabin for a few months. If the power goes out while we are gone, will the hot tub freeze solid and crack? (it's a soft tub so I am hoping it won't!) or should I drain it? NOT! I don't want an ice skating rink in front of the shop!

Another thought--I won't be able to get any more cool winter pictures this year! Oh well, beautiful flowers, jacarandas in full bloom, Egar standing at the back door waiting for food, gorgeous sunsets over Grassy Lake, exotic central Florida wildlife shots and pictures of us lazing in the sun won't be too bad.

Now I must turn my thoughts to using up leftovers in the refrigerator, cleaning the kitchen, getting the house in order, and packing. (we took 2 big suitcases of summer clothes to town today to put in the car, which is parked at Hughie's). Bob had the garage take off the studded tires in prepation for travel in the south. I hope we can get over Cameron or Berthod Pass without too much trouble! Also what about Raton Pass? I hope the snow storms buffeting southern Colorado stay to the West!!!!

We have 2 more days up here and then on Monday we hope to leave. It's supposed to snow today, tomorrow and Sunday and then clear out on Monday. I hope we don't get any bigger of a storm than what we have so far today! No wind, a few flurries and an overcast sky.

Well, back to work for me. Here is a taste of what we will be seeing shortly!

Sunset on Grassy Lake

Egar the Egret waiting for breakfast

Jacaranda in full bloom in the front yard

Family and friends playing Rock Star Band at Micah's

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