Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm In The Dark!

The only light on my sink area is from the flash of my camera!

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It was inevitable, but still, I really hate that the florescent lights above my kitchen sink finally burned out! I bet I hit that light switch a half dozen times already this morning!

Now, you may be thinking why doesn't she just get some new ones and install them! Well, it's not quite that easy. First of all, these light fixtures are 30 some years old or more. When we first built this cabin we got our whole kitchen for $1500 dollars, installed! We were at a building contractors display office that had about 5 or 6 kitchen displays kind of like Home Depot but much more upscale! They were moving to a new location and wanted to get rid of the displays so they could put new ones in the new building. They gave us a deal we couldn't refuse. The cabinets are all oak and have every gadget and innovative (for that era) type of shelf and cutting board in them. The pantry cabinet is really cool too.

My cool pantry with the inner doors on piano hinges.

The built in oven and refrigerator were Thermador and the stove top is JennAire with a BBQ grill and interchangeable large frying grill built in along with a built in fan.

Oven and warming drawer. My JennAire stovetop.

There was a kind of cheaper dishwasher but that was OK since this was to be our summer cabin at the time. We made a deal for the guys to come up for a week of fishing and camping and installing the kitchen with a custom built island. All this for $1500! The only problem was we had to kind of redesign our kitchen layout and that meant taking out the only window in the kitchen. Too bad, I thought, look what we were saving! I have to say that 30 some years down the road the kitchen is still in working condition! We did have to replace the refrigerator and the dishwasher but the stove and oven are still going strong--did I mention we also have a warming drawer? It still works too. Anyway, the lighting in there has never been that good and today it is very bad!

This is for Lynn. The 100 year old (or more) Welsh Cupboard is now in my kitchen.

So why don't I go to town and get new bulbs? Well, we are 25 miles from town and gas is $2.89 a gallon right now in town. I have a Dr. appointment at the clinic tomorrow so we will wait until then and hope Timberline has a florescent light bulb the right size in stock! We've been on a money saving kick since we retired and prices have gone up so we only go to town about once a week. It makes for some creativity on my part when we get short on basic food supplies but mostly it works out OK. I love the quiet and solitude but I am so happy I have Facebook to feel like I am still connected to people! I also love this blog so I can talk to myself! LOL!

A chickadee takes a twirling ride on the peanut butter ball!

*Just a note on the peanut butter birdseed balls from yesterday. The blue jays are loving them but must take turns. There are 8 of them and they all hover nearby waiting for a chance to run the eating ones off the tree. I'm waiting for them to knock the tree down! I've tried to take pictures of them but they are so shy they fly off at the least little movement from the porch or even in the window. I'll keep trying though!


  1. I am impressed with how nice the kitchen looks. I need some of your motivation to grt my house clean. The kitchen isn't too bad but my storage room is another story!!!! Carla