Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Minky, Our Christmas Breakfast Visitor

Last week on Christmas day, Bob looked out our breakfast window and saw a strange (to us) animal eating the birds' seeds. I ran for my camera and got some pictures of him and then decided to try taking some moving pics of him too. Carla came the next day and he came back She got a lot of pictures of him too. He was so cute with a tiny catlike face and a beautiful long tail. He was brown and had a white chest. (Carla thought it was kind of a fox face) Off and on all day he came back and we finally realized it was more than one. We knew this because the markings were different on them. We think there were 3 of them and they each had a different personality too! The squirrels who come to eat did NOT like them and hid in our upper story windows and chattered loudly at them. We looked them up on the web and found out they were minks. They do not stay in one place long so after 2-3 days they were gone and we haven't seen any since. They are carnivores and one of their foods is squirrel! No wonder our Squirrellys were acting so funny. They must have been really hungry since they cleaned up all the bird seed! Notice how beautiful their coats and tails are. I wanted to pet them but they are quite shy and also have very sharp looking teeth. We named them Minky, Minkette and Minker.


  1. So where are all these pictures? I only saw a squirrel and the jays in the video clip (and a loud tv in the background)

  2. I was still downloading the mink ones. I just deledted the squirrel one, I can't find my good one but will get it up as soon as I can find the right one!