Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Back With Online Sewing Resources for my Friends!!

It has been a long time since I was here but some friends requested these lists of good online resources for patterns and fabric so here they are and I think I'll just add the post I mentioned at the end of the lists! I needed to jazz up the blog so here are a few pictures from our Christmas at Palm Desert, California.

Christmas in California with some of my family! In front:

 Paul and Thomas Row 2; Britt and me. 

Back:  Jim, Carla and Caroline 

   Resources to Buy Online Fabric

Here is a list of some of the many online fabric sights that I or someone in
 my family
 have used.   Many of these offer a sample pack so you can feel and see what 
the actual
 fabric is like.  Since we have limited sources for fabrics, especially knits I 
think it is
 worthwhile to check these out.

1.     Zenith and Quasar Fabrics-- https://www.zenithandquasar.com/  
love these 
knit fabrics!  They have prints, Active wear fabric, some stretch velvet, 
some panels
.  They do not have a lot but what they do have is really great fabric!  They
 do have
 a free sample pack

2.    Girl Charlee-- https://www.girlcharlee.com/
Girl Charlee Fabrics is your online retail and wholesale source for top
 quality unique knit fabrics. We offer exclusive knit fabrics by the yard
 at the lowest price. You may find it somewhere else, but it will not be 
cheaper!  Girl Charlee Fabrics offers hundreds of different prints and
 solid cotton jersey knit, cotton lycra knit, cotton ribbed knit fabrics, and
 much more. We offer fabrics by the yard, in half yard cuts, and our
 famous multiple yard bargain lots!

3.  Purple Seamstress -- purpleseamstressfabric.com/  Your source for
 unique, fun, quality fabrics.  Lots to look at here!

4.  Sew So English Fabrics -- http://sosewenglishfabrics.com/ Welcome to
 So Sew English Fabrics! We are happy to be thriving and that you all are
 so excited over our fabrics! We focus on supplying you only the best quality
 apparel knits, wovens, trims and appliques. If we wouldn't bother sewing 
with it, we won't stock it in our store. For now that means that our order 
processing time is longer than we would like due to popularity.  The shipping
 time may be longer but it is a cool sight and worth looking at.  It has knits
 and wovens.

5. You Made Something-- www.youmadesomething.com/ lots of fabric
from quilting cotton, themed fabrics, knits, notions, bargains you name it
 they probably have it!  I have made leggings and knit tops with fabric from them.

6.  Snowy Owl Creations --https://www.snowyowlshoppe.com/ --  Thank you
 for visiting Snowy Owl Custom Fabrics and Hawaiian Fabrics & More. 
We offer quality, unique, and affordable fabrics.  I bought winter prints here that I
 have been making into leggings.  They have a wide selection of knits and also
 Hawaiian prints that are woven.  They also have custom preordering that my 
daughter uses but I have never tried!

7. Knitpop   knitpop.com/ Lots and lots of knits! French Terry, Poly blends,
 sweater knits of all kinds, Liverpool, you name it they probably have it!  I have
 made lots of things from Knitpop and have a stash for making more when 
summer comes!

8.  Fabric.com -- fabric.com-- home decor, apparel, quilting fabrics plus notions,
 bargains, etc.  This is like JoAnn’s or Hancock’s online.  I have had some good 
luck here but you might want to try to get some swatches before going wild!

Hot tubbing on Christmas Day in the yard of 

our rented house

There are a lot more sights for fabric shopping!
  Many of these sights have Facebook pages that 
have discounts, sales and auctions on them if you
 wish to join their groups.  I usually just buy
 the fabric from the sight.  I know I got a lot of 
fabric from Knitpop when they were having a
 sale one time….

 Resources for Online Patterns

1.      Patterns for Pirates--.Patterns for Pirates is all about stylish,
 modern design
 for everyday, wearable clothes for the whole family. From baby 
to adult these 
PDF sewing patterns will fill wardrobes with comfortable pieces
that will be worn
 over and over again. www.patternsforpirates.com/.  Free pattern
 if you join their 
Facebook page.
2.     Love Notions--At Love Notions you’ll find modern sewing
 patterns for 
the whole family. All patterns are instant downloadable
 pdf’s. https://www.lovenotions.com/.  Free pattern if you
 join their Facebook page.
3.     Stitch Upon A Time-- PDF sewing patterns for men, women,
 children. stitchuponatime.com/. 
4.      So Sew Easy--  A great sight for sewers and quilters.  Lots of
 sewing tips, free
 patterns and patterns for sale for clothing, purses, crafts and 
much more.  Lists of 
fabric resources as well.   http://so-sew-easy.com/
5.     Made For Mermaids -- What are we about?? Sweet, simple
 and girly patterns.
 Garments you and your children can wear everyday comfortably,
 but can easily
 dress up too! We’re here to help and love to share our love of 
sewing. Girls, 
Mamas, freebies. https://www.madeformermaids.com/
6.      According to my daughter who has 2 sons in their 20’s this
 is the best raglan pattern for men. 

 Facebook pages where you can join and get codes in order to get some
 pattern for free.  There are many other places to get patterns if you want 
to do a Google search but these
 I or someone in my family have used and like their patterns.  Some of 
these sights have Facebook pages where you can join  and get codes in
 order to get some patterns for free.

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Climbing rocks in Joshua National Park   

Evening as we headed back to Palm

 Desert from our

 day of  rock climbing in Joshua

 National Park