Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting Fit

If you are following this blog sight you may have noticed that high on my bucket list was losing some weight and exercising. I have started to do both but very slowly!. I have found that as I get older, I take longer to get back in shape! The last 2 days I've been walking "the basic mile" with Leslie Sansone. Tomorrow I will do the first 2.5 miles. Maybe this afternoon I will break out the snowshoes and walk up toward the Luck Penny ditch and on up to the forest fence. I can take some good pics up there and I think I will find some moose footprints up there too. I really love to exercise once I get started. It's just the getting going that seems to slow me down. Now that I'm "in the mode" I think I will be OK.

The food part of my fitness program has gone a little less well. I have been planning my meals daily and writing them in my journal on I've figured the calories and stayed under 900 calories in the journal. Unfortunately some mighty high calorie foods have been calling my name the last few days and I have answered the call! Fortunately a lot of those foods are now gone from the house (due to me eating them--oops!) and I will not be buying any more! The other problem was our visit to Fort Collins last weekend. We had some mighty tasty eating that I didn't plan in my journal! I didn't have to account for it either because the hotel charged $9.95/day to hook up to wireless there! I was too cheap to do it! Well, enough of my rationalizing. I will follow the plan today because I promise to in this blog and that should do it for me!

In Kathi's blog today she posted some beautiful pictures of the sunrise in Nebraska. I took a picture of the sunset here on Christmas day so I think I'll share it on this blog. I'll also share a picture I took about 5 years ago that is one of my all time favorites, taken in the early morning on a very cold January day.

Having problems with pics so will try to move them later!


  1. Penny what size are your pictures? You may need to resize them to 1024 X 683 or smaller like 640 X 480.

  2. OK maybe that's the problem. Every time I try to move them it freezes up my computer. I don't see how to resize them but I do have a choice of small, medium and large so I'll go to the small size and see what happens.