Saturday, March 13, 2010

Some Reading and Viewing suggestions for Foodies

Future Foodies!

OK-- Since I have been here at Lynn and Bill's we have been viewing some very foodie type movies and because Lynn is really into food and is a librarian by trade, she has recommended and I have read some great books relating to the business of food preparation. Here are some of the films and books I have seen or read and also some suggestions from Lynn.

Ratatouille--we particularly love the scenes where there is lots of kitchen action and kitchen management tips.

Dinner Rush--An older film made in 2000 about gangsters and a restaurant owned by one. The kitchen action (again) and the pure enjoyment of Italian food depicted in this film is great! The side story (in my opinion is pretty good too).

Tortilla Soup--a remake of "Eat Drink,Man, Woman" a film made in 1994 in Taiwan that Lynn loved mostly because it was filmed at the Grand Hotel in Taipei and they had visited it several times. I think it also showed some scenes of Taipei that they recognized. Both these films show cooking action at home and at the restaurant. The side story is good in both of them showing the struggle between the traditionalist and the new within the family.

Julie, Julia--What can I say, a great movie! I loved it and I bought it to watch again and again. Meryl Streep is superb as Julia Child!

An avid Foodie preparing the Christmas ham!

I'm sure there are more but these are the ones I have seen recently. Of course I have to recommend Food, Inc as well. I definitely would have shown this film to my students if it had been available back then. It is food for thought for everyone! I also should mention these books. The Omnivore's Dilemma (see my previous blog) and the book My Life in France by Julia Child and Julie Powell's blog. The movie Julie and Julia was based on these two along with Julia Child's Mastering French Cooking. I have seen these books at Barnes and Nobles but have not read them.

Now for some books I or Lynn have enjoyed! These are mostly mysteries that include recipes with them. I have tried many of the recipes from Joanne Fluke and they are excellent!

Last Bite a Novel of Culinary Romance--by Nancy Verde Barr. Nancy Barr was Julia Child's longtime executive chef for her TV food show. This is a "lighthearted romance with a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of TV cooking shows..." according to Nancy Thayer, a fellow author. I loved all the description of what has to be done to film a live and then a pre-filmed TV show. Very detailed and interesting!

The Proof is in the Pudding--Melinda Wells. There are 2 other mysteries by Melinda also--"Death takes the Cake" and "Killer Mousse" I have read a sample of the first one and it sounds very good. Mystery, humor and, of course, the recipes.
The Diva Runs Out of Thyme--Krista Davis. Another murder mystery writer with great recipes and great tips on entertaining. Kitchen Diva Sophie's renovated (circa 1850's) kitchen sounds great! Krista has written two other kitchen Diva books. I haven't read them yet but I intend to and to copy down some of the recipes too.
Dying for Chocolate--Diane Mott Davidson . Her second book in a series of 14 books about Caterer Goldie Bear and her detective skills around Aspen Meadows, Colorado. Lots of great recipes here too and lots of action, too!
Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder-- Joanne Fluke. Joanne has written at least 14 books about Hannah Swensen of Lake Eden, Minnesota. She owns the Cookie Jar and does lots of catering along with a lot of sleuthing. Many murders seem to take place in this small town but is is always good reading and lots of cookie and other sweets recipes. I have made some of these recipes and all have been very good! Other titles include: Carrot Cake Murder, Cream Puff Murder, Apple Turnover Murder....... you get the idea!

A Darn Good Chocolate Cake made by some Foodies Young and Old!

Budding young Foodies doing some cookie decorating

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  1. Don't forget the book "FAST FOOD NATION" by Eric Schlosser

    Just got done reading it and I'm going to buy it now.