Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm on Kathi's Soapbox

Today it is overcast with rain showers, but warm. Bob is sick with the stomach flu. I'm pretty sure it is not food poisoning since Lynn had the same thing about 5-6 days ago and Micah had it when we were there. Also Bob didn't eat anything too out of the ordinary and neither did Lynn or Micah. I'm worried about getting it since it has very strong stomach cramps with it and I don't want to have my lapband slip from dry heaves! It also includes diarrhea so it is very miserable!

Anyway..... While I was playing nurse this morning I was reading a book on my Kindle explaining "The Good Mood Diet" and she had long footnotes and resource lists to back up her research for this diet. One of the things she is a proponent of is eating natural and organic foods for good mood even if it is just because you are helping our Earth (makes you feel good about yourself I guess). One of the books she relied on was called "the Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael P0llan. He is also the journalist in Food, Inc. that followed the food chain back to the beginning to answer the question, "Where does our food come from?"

I downloaded a sample from the book and read it this morning and it was so interesting I now have to buy the book! It is good reading for anyone interested in following up on the movie Food, Inc. He discusses in detail 4 different types of meals. 1. The industrial food chain 2. The "industrial organic" food chain 3. The organic food chain 4. The hunter-gatherer food chain. He goes from the plate back to the earth that produced the meal. Should be interesting. The introduction was very interesting to me and the beginning of the first chapter discusses how corn has become so much of what we eat. There is one part in the chapter that discusses the sex life of corn that was really interesting to me because I guess I never had a botany class so didn't know why corn has become such a big thing in the food industry.

A cornfield near Huatulco Mexico

I looked up Michael Pollan' the author, on the internet and discovered he was one of the people who made the film Food, Inc. (which, by the way, was nominated for an Oscar in the documentary division but didn't win). There was an interesting interview on CBS with him and the director so I am including a link to it here.

I thought I wrote about Food, Inc. earlier but maybe not. We watched it at Danny's a while back and I have been recommending it to every one I see! We watched it again here at Lynn's and I still am very impressed. Raising beef and chickens the natural way is what Danny is doing and I agree with him that we have to go back to that way of producing our meat! it may not do a whole lot of good but maybe it will help to improve our food supply if each person tries to do their part in this movement. If you haven't seen it you can get it on Netflix. There are lots of trailers on Youtube too.

The name of the diet book is: The Good Mood Diet: Feel Great While You Lose Weight by Susan M Kiener and Bob Condor.

Susan is a leading nutrition authority on eating for strength. She is from Seattle and this diet was tested by a group called the Good Mood Diet weight loss group. The diet was featured in the Seattle Post Intelligencer. It is interesting and quite doable in my opinion.

Well, so much for the soap box for today. Check out Kathi's blog: for her 3 part series on food safety and eating natural and organic foods.

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