Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Linger Lodge and Various Other Pictures

Awhile ago Sue, one of the Backwoods bunch, requested a picture of Lynn and I now that we have aged (can't think of a better euphanism ) to see how we've changed. You could go to yesterday's blog to see how we look while line dancing but I just happen to have another picture to post of us.
I will also post a couple of other ones from our drive over to Bradenton to pick up Lois and some other shots of some of our sun(or lack of it) and fun at Lake Placid.

On our way home from Bradenton we stopped for lunch at Linger Lodge. It is kind of off the beaten path located on the Braden river. It is billed as one of "THE TOP 5 WEIRDEST RESTAURANTS IN THE US" according to Al Roker. They serve frog legs and alligator and have all kind of stuffed wild animals all over the restaurant.

Lynn and I at Linger Lodge under the Alligator

Lynn and I down by Grassy Lake

Me, Lois and Lynn behind the Linger Lodge

Riding the bike on Daisy Lane

Lynn looks at it raining from their Florida room

The sign at the beach of "Lake June in Winter"

Two amazing dogs we watched on the beach. They are perfectly synchronized as they retrieve a frisbee. It's like they are joined at the hip!

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  1. Thanks for the pix of you and Lynn. Penny, you look a lot like your mom. And Lynn sometimes you do too with a certain expression. And loved the video...what a hoot!!