Sunday, March 28, 2010

Preparing to Leave

 Today is our last day in Lake Placid.  Lynn has left a list of things to do before leaving tomorrow so I am working on it even as I am writing this.  This winter was billed as "unusual" down here by everyone we talked to.  It certainly was different than all the other times we have been here at this time of year.  (I have been coming down on spring break since before Mom and Dad moved here from Ft. Lauderdale!--Many. many years ago).  It has been cold here almost the whole time and those who have been here since November say it has been cold the whole season! It rained most of the days we were here and it was not a warm gentle rain either.  A cold wind from the north has blown many days as well.  Anyway..... the last few days have finally been warm and more typical of March in central Florida.  The weather report is for big rain by noon today and it is pretty cloudy already.  Oh well, so much for the weather report!

Yesterday we picked grapefruits off  Dad's tree to take back to Texas with us.  We decided to go up to Sebring for dinner at Outback Steakhouse.  We have never had a bad dinner at an Outback.  We really like their steaks and I absolutely LOVE the Ahi Tuna on the appetizer menu.  I was torn between the Ribeye and the tuna but finally chose the steak.  There was so much of it that I could bring home enough for dinner for both of us tonight!  I have to mention their blue cheese and pecan chopped salad.  It was very good!  Bob had the prime rib and enjoyed it as well.  When we were seated, we noticed a lot of tables pushed together and set for many people.  When they came it was a Hispanic or maybe Cuban family celebrating someone in the group's birthday.  Grandma, Grampa, parents, children and grand children were all there.  There were at least 11 young children, possibly 2 teenaged boys and 3 young couples plus the grand and great grand parents.  The children were so well behaved and all dressed up and so beautiful!  The kids parents were taking pictures of everyone.  It reminded me of going out to eat in Wendover!  We left before their cake came so I don't know whose birthday it was.  I had to chuckle to myself when I heard the young girls (5 of them about 6-10 years old sitting together) all giggling together and so excited to be able to order grilled cheese sandwiches at Outback!  Brought back many memories!

Dad's grapefruit tree still with grapefruits but also blossoms!

Grapefruits high up in the tree

Still some nice grapefruits to be picked.

Lynn's tomatoes.  Too bad they didn't get ripe while we were here but Rhonda and Henry will get them!


  1. I like the coconut shrimp appitizer dipped in the mango chutna.


  2. Yeah, that is one of my other favs too.

  3. You know, I've never even seen a grapefruit tree before!