Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pinkalicious! and Making an Easter Bunny Cake

Anybody ever read the book Pinkalicious?  Last evening we all went to a performance of "Pinkalicious the musical" at the Children's Theater in San Antonio.  It was great fun for the kids and the adults!  To quote the director, "Pinkalicious  is not just about a little girl who is gaga over pink.  It's a story about the tribulations of excess, the importance of trying something new, and most important, it's about the courage to be different no matter what others say or do."  It is a Broadway style musical with really good, funny songs and dancing including a really fun tap dance by the doctor.  This was the first theater performance the girls had ever been to and they were so good and they had such a good time.  Even two year old Natalie enjoyed it and sat through the whole thing without making a fuss!

I asked the girls what their favorite part was.  Alyssa liked the part When Pinkalicious woke up and got out of bed and was pink all over and Samara liked it when everyone was pink at the end.  They both thought the broccoli popsicles sounded gross.  After the show all the actors went to the lobby and the kids could stand in line and get autographs and their parents could take pictures of the children with the actors.  The line was very long so we opted out of that option!  The walk back to the car in the warm dusky evening was very pleasant.  We were only a few blocks from the Alamo.  Samara and Nattie took a short sleep on the way home.

Back when I was teaching in North Park, Owyhee and Wendover I had the kids make cut up cakes around Easter.  I found a book that had all kinds of cut up cakes put out by Angel Flake Coconut company.  The best and easiest one was a big bunny with a bow tie.  We made a lot of those cakes in school and I have made many at home as well.  This project kind of expanded over the years and by the time I was teaching in West Wendover, it became a contest and the secretaries always got to judge the cakes.  There were all kinds and styles of cakes including many designed and made by the students.  The best part of the coconut flake cakes is that the coconut flakes cover up a lot of faults and give the animals a fluffy look.  Of course we had carousels, balloons, trains, cars, horses teddy bears, baby chicks, bunnies and much, much more.  I even had some girls use them in competition and win gold medals at state.  It was a fun project the kids could go home and do a cake for special occasions because they are quite easy to do.

The girls and I decided we needed to make the bunny rabbit cake for our Easter weekend.  Here are a couple pictures of it.

Look at all those smiles!

Loading up the car getting ready to leave on their cruise

Did we forget anything?

Waiting for Mommy and DaddyCheck out that shadow!

See where I broke my arm?  A blast from the Past for Erin!



  1. Adorable, the girls and the cake!! Wish I could be there for some of the "girly" time!

  2. I agree with Kathi girly times are sorely missed by me. Cute cake and girls.