Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy Week Part 2

After a big day on Sunday, Monday was a day to kind of relax.   JJ and I took Alyssa to school and I went into the office to get all the paperwork turned in for us to be responsible for her.

Erin and Eric went for a run and when they got back they had to try to open the mail box.  I had walked down to the box and tried to open it but the key just didn't fit in the slot.  Bob drove down with the kids next.  It probably is 100 or so yards from the house!  He tried and tried but it still didn't go in.  So we waited.  I thought I would go talk to the postman when he came but then Eric and Erin decided to give it a try.  I guess they jiggled and messed with it until it finally slid in and voila! we had the mail!  A few days later I did see the mail lady and she was actually kicking one of the boxes trying to get it shut!!!  I mentioned that we had a lot of trouble opening our box and she gave us a whole story about filling out forms and such to get someone out there to fix it.

The mailboxes

The unworkable one!

The outgoing mail one that the mail lady was kicking!

Samara takes a picture of us

After Alyssa got home all the kids set up the Rock Star Band on Wii and we had a nice loud concert with everyone in the act.  Of course we had to have some more Starbucks too!

Rockin' and Rollin'

Play that guitar, Alyssa!

Make Uncle Pat proud Erin and Natalie!

Belt it out JJ!

The Jones Trio

Nattie's in the spot light!

Back view of the Rockin' group

Tuesday the two younger girls had Mother's Day Out so the rest of us decided to visit with JJ's friend Araceli.  We got to tour their new house and it is very impressive!  Their lot borders a wilderness park in the hills of San Antonio.  The view is spectacular from their deck.  Bob thinks it is one of the best places to be in San Antonio!  We all went to lunch at favorite place--Willy's

Out on Araceli's deck: Eric, Erin, Jay, Penny, Bob

 Eric and I in front of the great wilderness park.  Micah, Samara, Alyssa and I hiked up there one time
  Me, JJ, and Araceli enjoying the outdoor living room

Even a fireplace in the outdoor living room!

 What a great outdoor living space, I love it!

 More Rock Star Band that night.  After the girls went to bed, I made everyone watch Food, Inc.  They were duly impressed with the need to adjust our eating habits. Wednesday's adventures will be in Part 3 tomorrow! 


  1. looks like I missed a great time. carla

  2. looks like I missed out on a good time.