Sunday, April 11, 2010

Getting Caught Up After A Very Busy Week! Part 1

In my last post I had some pictures of Kim and Micah getting ready to leave for their cruise.  We were holding down the fort here while they were gone for the week.  We were to get reinforcements by afternoon, but JJ's flight was canceled due to a big snow storm in Elko.  It caused the little plane she was flying out on to have to turn around and go back to Salt Lake City before it could land in Elko!  They redid her ticket and she was to arrive at midnight.

Meanwhile Aunt Erin and her friend, Eric, were driving down from Dallas and were to arrive in time to dye Easter eggs with the girls.  They got here early and we dyed the eggs all different colors and had a fun time.  Even the "ugly" egg turned out more beautiful than our plain colored eggs.  You know, the ones you dye after you mix all the colors together?  Well we decided to just mix some of the colors together and that's why we got a very pretty egg.  I don't remember which colors we used , though.  After the egg dying and bed time, Erin and Eric had some bunny cake.  Then we had to go get JJ and all 5 of us were ready to start taking care of the 3 little girls!

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The whole gang dyeing their eggs

Alyssa's is purple.  Notice the missing teeth!

Samara's egg is a pretty pink

Natalie's egg is a beautiful blue green

All done and a very nice set of eggs if we do say so ourselves!

Next morning the girls got up and found their Easter baskets.  They decided a new bunny had come because he didn't know the right place to put their baskets and we had to help them figure out whose was whose.  They didn't have much time to play with their baskets because we had to get ready for early church.  We had a wonderful celebration of the Resurrection at church complete with confetti and bouncing beach balls. The girls had Easter egg hunts (Alyssa's was under the black lights) and lots of goodies.

All dressed up in their Easter finery!

Nice back view of Mama Jay as she gets Natalie seat belted in!

Ready to go to church!

 They remembered their Easter baskets for the egg hunt

On the way home we decided to start a new tradition for Easter.  First you have to know that Auntie Erin works at Starbucks and needed to pick up her weekly free pound of coffee.  There is a Starbucks right on the way home so we stopped to get her coffee and bought coffees for everyone (actually cocoa for the girls) except Old Grampa because we didn't know what he wanted and were going back later for gas anyway and could get him one then.  When we got home we all enjoyed our "Starbucks".  We got Grampa's order and left him with the girls and went back to get gas and his coffee.  When we returned we found that they had fixed their own lunch without Grampa's help.  The girls got out their Easter eggs they dyed and ate them .   We found colored egg shells all over the living room!  Clean up time was definitely in order! Natalie went to bed for a nap and Alyssa and Samara  had a jelly bean hunt in the house since the weather wasn't too great outside.


 Aren't we so cute!

Later in the afternoon, Erin, Eric, JJ, Alyssa, Samara and I went to see a matinee of "How to Tame a Dragon".  The girls really liked it and so did all of us.  I was afraid they might get scared but they didn't.  I'm sure that if they had seen it in 3-D they would have been.  I might even have been!  The only thing is, Alyssa and Samara have never seen a 3-D movie and they might have been so busy playing with their glasses they would have missed most of the movie anyway!

We got home and had our big ham and mashed potato dinner and some Easter candy for dessert.  Then off to bed since Alyssa had school the next day.

"See, we had our lunch!"

"Are those eggshells on the rug?????"

"What a mess!  Better get busy!"

"Clean up, Clean up!
Thanks for the help Auntie Erin! "


  1. The girls with their Starbucks hot chocolate could be a commercial. It is so cute.


  2. What a picture of sweetness in their Easter dresses!

  3. where was JJ during the clean up? Oh yeah she was sleeping in bed until someone came looking for her. BUSTED

  4. Oh yeah and nice bottom shot. Who took that? I did not see.

  5. I'm glad you got that cleaned up before we got back or they would've gotten in big trouble. And Erin, is that my shirt you are wearing while you're cleaning?