Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Girly Weekends!

I am on this girls weekend kick because of a post I read on Facebook about 2 of my former students at NPHS.  Diana and Jo were best friends in high school and now they are living up in North Park and after 12 years decided to have a girls day out in Fort Collins.  They had so much fun it reminded me of why we always try to make a point of  getting together with friends and or family just to have a fun time like we used to!

Carla, Kathi (Danny's wife for those of you that may not know--who lives on their farm near Scottsbluff, NE) and I try to get together in Fort Collins once or twice a year to do our girlie things.  Some of those trips have been quite memorable!  One of the first times we did this we planned to go to the Carousel Dinner Theater, stay overnight and then visit the Farmer's Market, browse around Old Town, go shopping in Centerra, and go to the JoAnne Shop at Loveland.  Carla bid on a 3 star hotel in Ft. Collins and we got a good deal at the Hilton on Prospect.

We all met up there and got checked in.  We were kind of resting after our drives in and checking out the facilities when  Kathi came out of the bathroom and asked me to go in and see if I saw what she thought she saw.  I went bopping in thinking it would be a cockroach or something like that, but didn't see any bug life.  I kind of looked around and Kathi yelled from the other room to look under the sink counter.  I looked and saw a garbage bag like they put in wastebaskets with something in it.  I pulled it out and whoa! It was a bag of barf!!!  Housekeeping either missed it or wouldn't touch it!  We were on the phone and moved out of that room quickly!  We also got some perks!  We got a key to the VIP lounge with all the drinks, a gorgeous view from the top of the hotel, a library and sitting room, Happy Hour snacks (which we couldn't do since we were going to the dinner theater), and I even think they had complimentary breakfast up there but we wanted to go out for breakfast as part of our experience.  We, of course, went up there and explored the whole room, cupboards and all.  We found a huge bag of those little chocolates they put on your pillow.  I have to admit we felt like they owed us so we helped ourselves to a few of them!  We also had some pop from the fridge but that was OK according to the sign.  Then it was time to get all dressed up to go to the dinner theater.  We wanted to do this up right so we took a taxi to the theater.  We had a really good time and tried the frou frou drinks, appetizers (which were complimentary because it was the last night of this particular show), and the desserts.  Since this was the last night for the season, at the end of the show they brought out all the performers and had like a Q and A session.  It was fun to see where these people came from, what they were doing for a day job, etc.  We took the taxi back to the hotel and went to bed.

Next morning Kathi kept hearing like a drip, drip sound and sure enough, the ceiling was leaking!  We were going to check out anyway but we did lodge a complaint hoping to get a complimentary night there for the future but no such luck.  We did our Fort Collins type things and then headed down to Loveland to Centerra.  We ate lunch at the Rock Bottom Bar and Grill.  I had fish and chips made with salmon that was terrific and I still go back to have it again and again.  Kathi says she had the best carrot cake she ever ate there.  By now it was getting late and we each had a couple hour drive home. Kathi and Carla wanted to try the specialty beers but if they did we couldn't be driving home so we decided to stay another night!!!  We stayed in Loveland at the Residence Inn next to the regional hospital and the outlet mall.  The next day we got in all our shopping and headed back home refreshed and with some great laughs and memories!

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Lounging around

Using the library in the VIP lounge

Ready for the show.  This was before we had lost all our weight from our lapbands!

We had lots of fun goofing around and lots of giggles


  1. That sure was a fun weekend!!! We need to do another one this summer.

  2. For sure! Maybe at the Candlelight this time?