Friday, September 9, 2011

Lightning Strikes!

Carla and Izzy enjoy the view at the end of the Hidden Lakes road.

I found this in my archives as a draft so I don't think I ever posted it.  This happened in July during all our heavy rain storms.  I wrote this as an email to a friend and then decided to use it as a blog so here it is! I didn't take any pictures so this is it.

Awhile ago, we had some weather woes of our own! One Tuesday night, I think, we had a huge electrical storm with some very close lightning strikes.  It reminded me of Milwaukee or the PA mountains and the same thing happened.  I was taking a shower the next morning and all of a sudden there was no water!  It just came in about 10 second spurts and then was off for 20 seconds.  Although the lights never went out during the storm I felt sure we must have been hit by lightning.  I went out to the shop to see how the hot tub was doing and there were all kinds of problems out there.  The garage door was making humming noises and the hot tub was blinking on and off in time to the humming of the door!  Really weird.  Oh, and our phone didn't work either.  The phone guy came the next day and found the trouble about 3000 feet from the house.  The wires were fried!  He got that fixed and Bob called Harry Corkle (his nephew who is a building contractor) to see if he knew what might be our problem in the shop and our pump.  And as you may remember from my blog our road is almost washed out too and our little foot bridge is now completely washed out!  What a mess this weather has made this year!

Harry came to the rescue  this past weekend with big dump trucks of gravel to fix the road and all kinds of electrical stuff to test and repair our wiring.  It took 2 days and much digging up of lines and crawling around in our muddy crawl space to get the job done but in the end he determined that our wiring had been hit 8 places in all!!!  We were down here in Nebraska by the time he and Hughie got done fixing it and called us to tell me they had my hot tub back to heating again!  On the way down here we got to thinking that just maybe we needed to call our insurance man and see if it covered any of our problems!  So Bob called this morning and Yes!  it covered everything, so we are happy!

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