Tuesday, August 30, 2011

JJ and Ozzie's Big Surprise

I love this picture of Erin all dressed up getting ready to ride her motorcycle to church!
 A few weeks ago JJ, Ozzie, Erin and Brent headed to Sturgis on their motorcycles for their big adventure.  Unbeknownst to them we were headed west to Elko to give them a big surprise.  We knew we would be at their house for a week before they got home but that did not deter us.  We called Ozzie's mom who lives with them in her own apartment to let her know so we wouldn't scare her to death when we barged in.  She thought it was a great idea so off we went.

JJ's family was really surprised when they got home!  We had a lot of fun even the week before they got home visiting with friends and neighbors.  Since I had lived and worked in the Elko County School District for 11 years I had many friends living in the Elko area.  I figured I could visit with them before everyone showed up.  It worked out well and I even got to do some "crafting" with Tuinita, Ozzie's mom.  Bob got some driving time in with Becci, the neighbor girl he had been helping get her license last winter. 

When JJ, Erin, Brent, and Ozzie plus Micah and his whole family got home we had a fun time figuring out where everyone would sleep.  Micah, Kim and the 3 girls slept out in the "box", Ozzie's camper.  The rest of us fit into their house.  Erin slept in her room in the basement (which is Tuinita's apartment) and I slept in the sewing room down there.  Bob was on the couch in the upstairs living room and Brent had the room we usually sleep in upstairs.  Bob didn't get much sleep up there due to kids, Micah or Kim running in and out most of night!  Of course the little ones were up early as well! Brent even passed through at 4 AM to go bow hunting with friends! Bob and the little girls also fought over the TV.  He was trying to watch the Little League games and they wanted to watch Nickelodeon!  The girls also LOVED my Ipad, Kindle, and computer.  Natalie, the 4 year old, got on the Ipad and found all kinds of apps Carla had on it for preschoolers and was playing them!  Next thing Micah knew she was watching Tangled on my Ipad!  She recognized the Netflix logo and clicked away until she had ordered it and was watching it.  These high tech kids amaze me!  She had never seen an Ipad before.  My electronic stuff was in use the whole time so I didn't get much done with them!

 Kim and I helped JJ get her room ready for school since she couldn't get into it all summer due to asbestos removal.  I think she finally found out she could get it all done and ready in a few days if she had to, so she won't have to waste 2 or 3 weeks every summer at school!  Every fall I kind of miss the excitement of starting school, but getting the room ready and visiting with teachers and staff was plenty enough for me and now I am happy!  I even made it to Tuesday morning coffee with JJ's teacher friends the day before school started in Elko County.  Ain't retirement lovely!

Since I have not been a regular blogger this summer I have a lot of catching up to do.  I am adding some pictures taken during several visits Carla made to the cabin this summer to get the ball rolling!

While we were in Elko Kim made her famous MilkDud Popcorn.  Her family LOVES this stuff and I could not figure out how it all worked.  Finally I ate some and it really is fabulous so I am going to post the recipe in my next blog!

On August 6, 2011 Jim, Carla, Bob and I went for a drive over Buffalo Pass.  The sign said it was open, but we never made it even to the top.  Here's where we turned around!

Just before we left for Elko, Carla and Paul came up for a visit.  This is Carla's big fish she caught out of the pond!

Carla with her bouquet of wildflowers with Rabbit Ears in the background on our alternate route after being "snowed out" of Buffalo Pass.

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