Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Six Years Ago Today

Yep, that is me back in 2004 less than a year before I had surgery!
Today is my Bandiversary!  Six years ago I was in the Almater Hospital in Mexicali, Mexico with a brand new Lapband in place!  What a life changing decision I had made.  I didn't know then whether it would work or not, whether I would never be able to enjoy broccoli again (as one of my daughters pointed out), or even if this was just another of the many attempts I had made to lose weight and never gain it back again only to be disappointed once again.  Well, I am here to tell everyone that it did work and I am at my goal weight and still holding six years later.  I feel so much better with more energy and not so many aches and pains as I did back then.  I sleep better and do not fantasize about food all the time (well maybe I do sometimes but a few bites of it and I am good to go instead of eating way too much and then craving more!).  I can still wear clothes I got 5 years ago and they still fit although they are pretty worn out by now!  My back and feet don't hurt all the time and I just feel healthier. 

Bob, Dr. Aceves and I six years ago in Mexicali 2 days after my surgery.
I highly recommend weight loss surgery to those who are excessively overweight.  There are several new procedures around plus the old standbys so do your research and find out as much as you can if you are thinking about it.  I probably would have done the vertical sleeve if it had been around back then but I am happy with what I have and it continues to work for me.  I am glad I went to Dr. Aceves in Mexico.  Insurance did not cover lapband surgery back then and I am glad it didn't!  He is the best as is the hospital and it's staff.  I am so grateful to them all for such a special experience and for the successful outcome.  Here's to many more years of a normal lifestyle thanks to my lapband!
Me in June of 2011 drinking my morning coffee.  Yes, I still can eat broccoli and drink coffee!

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