Friday, January 21, 2011

Stock Show Time Again!

Bob's new look for Stock Show.
This year Bob had decided he was not going to go to Stock Show again.  We get the free badges and other stuff every year but haven't used them or have given them to Danny to use the last few years.  So when we were leaving to go to Casper for the month we didn't take all that stuff with us.  No sooner had we gotten there than Danny was on the phone wanting to know if we wanted to go with them.  They had a bull they wanted to look at and maybe buy one.  Bob said no he didn't want to go and walk around all day and freeze down in the yards.  Also we had left all the badges at the cabin.  Danny said OK and that was that.
I still love the gentle Hereford bulls.
About a week later Danny called again to say they were getting a room and were we sure we didn't want to come.  I put Bob on the line and Danny talked him into going!  We did a little shopping before going and Bob got himself a new cowboy hat and a walking cane.  We were all set.

Kathi and I visited the horse show ring.  8 to 10 year old kids were showing horses riding English saddles and wearing the appropriate attire!
Children can sit on the Clydesdale and Long Horn so their parents can take pictures.  I guess no kids were there this time.
We drove down to the farm in Nebraska on Sunday and left the next morning for Denver.  It was raining in Lyman but by the time we got to the Coliseum it was 58 degrees out with a slight breeze.  We didn't think about it but Monday was Martin Luther King Day and there were tons of school kids with their parents there to attend the rodeo and see the animals.  We had to buy tickets to get on the grounds and had to stand in line a long time!  It was so warm that day that I did not take my coat out of the pickup and realized too late that I had left my camera in the pocket of my coat.

  Oh well, I'd get some pics the next day.  Bob and I strolled (well, more accurately, elbowed our way through the throngs)around the perimeter of the Coliseum and quickly decided we needed to go over to the grounds side because it was about 1/2 hour before the rodeo and everyone was coming in early to get to their seats!  We were not going to the rodeo and just wanted to see the sights.

We got over to the other side of the interstate and headed for the old arena.  We watched them showing some Angus Bulls and when that was over we strolled around looking at the vendor's wares.  I got my hand washed with mink oil and tasted some nuts.  Then we went up into the Hall of Education and looked around a little before we met Danny and Kathi for lunch.  So far Bob was doing fine with his cane.  After lunch Kathi and I wandered through the aisles of the trade show.  Kathi had her camera so took pictures of some of the weirder or more interesting sights we saw.  She will have them on her blog sight (Country Chicken Girl) sometime soon. 

Where we started out to eat.  We'll have to try it next year!
We had to meet one of Danny's beef customers at our motel at 4 PM, so we left pretty early so we could check in.  That evening we had a hard time deciding where to eat but finally went over to Northfield Mall thinking we would eat at an Asian restaurant over there.

  As we were walking to the restaurant (Ling and Louie's) we noticed Toby Keith's restaurant, I Love This Bar and Grill, across the street.  It had just recently opened and looked like it was doing a good business.  We ate there and took pictures as well!  Food was good and we enjoyed ourselves.

A new place we had to try.

A huge bar dominates the restaurant.

Toby Keith's jacket he wore to Afghanistan for a USO concert.

Jack Daniels in front of the guitar!

One of several little nooks along the sides of the restaurant.
Next day we needed to be at the bull sale at 1 PM.  Danny had us down in the yards by 9 AM and there wasn't much to see!  Only the Lowlines were left.  All the other pens were empty!  Kathi and I checked out the boot store and embroidery places in the exchange building and then were done!  We told Bob and Danny we would meet them back at the sale ring at 1PM and headed up on the hill.  We went to the Western Art Gallery, looked at the chickens, bought a new leather purse and saw booths displaying all types of clothing, food, gadgets, horse trailers, corral systems, etc.   I had my camera this time and only took pictures of Roy Rogers Nudie Car! Here they are!
Check out the following pictures!  For a better look click on the picture and hit the back browser to get back.

Entire interior is hand tooled leather!  Silver saddle console!

Are those silver dollars?
We went to the Lowline sale but did not buy the bull--he went too high for Danny's pocketbook.  We came home just in time to beat the snowstorm that hit that night!

Danny and Kathi check out the catalog at the sale.

Danny and Bob wait for the next heifer to come into the ring.

Selling heifers, a young one but so small!

A little girl showing her little Lowline!

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  1. Looks like a good time. Wish I could have gone. Poor me.>LOL