Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Going to the Winter Farmers Market in Scottsbluff.

Dan is selling beef and eggs in the Open A Bar 2 Ranch booth.

Last week Bob and I went down to Danny's (Dan the Man) farm in Nebraska.  We spent a couple days at Stock Show and then came back to the farm.  Stock Show Time Again  (click to see it.)   I wanted to go the their Farmer's Market to see what it was all about.
Some of Kathi's hand painted pillows at the summer Farmers Market.
  Kathi and Dan have been selling their chickens, eggs and beef as well as some of Kathi's art work at the summer Farmer's Market for some years but there never was anywhere to sell those things in the winter.  This past summer Kathi got together with some of the vendors and they all thought it was a great idea to try a winter Farmer's Market.  Of course no one was ready to ramrod the whole thing so Kathi took it on.
Vendors are making plans in October for a winter Farmers Market.
  A friend of one of the vendors worked at the Hampton Inn and got them a really good deal on renting several of the conference rooms 2 Saturdays a month.

Live music by the Green Valley Homesteaders.
Kathi got quite a few vendors lined up and a live band that entertains every time.
Old fashioned country music was fun to listen to all afternoon.
The band had some help from one of the vendor's daughter.

  They also try to do a different charity every time to collect items or money to give.  They have done face painting for the kids as well.  It is especially nice because it is indoors and goes from 1 PM to 4 PM.  No more getting up before the chickens do and freezing until the sun gets up high enough to shine over the buildings in downtown Scottsbluff!

"Summer" Farmers Market.  Notice the warm clothing.  This was in early October.

 Bob and I went into town Saturday afternoon and spent it at the Farmer's Market.  I got to see many of the friends I had made at the summer market and met some new people too.  Danny and Kathi had some new items to sell--beef jerky and beef sticks made with no sodium nitrate!  They sold like crazy along with the 26 dozen eggs they had brought and the ribeye steaks, English roasts, probably over 20 lbs. of hamburger, stew meat, soup bones and believe it or not the only tongue they brought.  Three other people asked for tongue that day--I was the one they asked so I know it's true!  They had a special on marinated round steaks that day too.  Anyway it was a very successful market day for them.  This is the fifth one they have had and they seem to be very popular.
The sign needs to be updated!  This was a picture from an earlier market.  Thanks Kathi!
Some of the booths that were there were a bread lady,
Oh!oh! the bread lady is almost sold out, again!
a gluten-free baked products booth, goat cheese and pork, goat milk soaps and bath oils, fresh vegetables (mostly root veggies since it is winter!)
That's a big leek!

  There were spicy meat rubs, honey, home baked items of all sorts, hand made items including tutus for little princesses

Sweet tutus and other accessories for the little princesses.

 ruffled aprons for little girls,
MMMMMMM!  Fresh baked cookies of all kinds and those cute ruffled aprons!

beautiful knit scarves, hand painted trivets and clothing and of course the live music which livened up the afternoon!

The kids love the music and you can see them dancing all around the room!

  My friend Christina who makes unique jams and jellies did not have a booth this week but went home and brought me back a jar of her delicious jelly!!!  What a great person she is!

Christina selling her jellies and jams at an earlier market.
We got home and I have been inspired to get creative again after seeing all the great things.  I am now making lace goody bags for the little girls for Valentines day!

This lacy bag is in the process of being embroidered.  It did get done before the crash but no more!
  Carla and I are planning a quilting day next Saturday to make a quilt to donate to the Alzheimer's Organization.  Now, hopefully, my machine will work properly with no down time!!!!  I also know that JJ and Tunita are making plans for my machine when we get to Elko.

PS:  I just jinxed the machine and believe it or not, it completely shut down and will have to go back to Twin Falls to be fixed!!!
My faulty machine still working on the lace but about to crash!

PPS:  for more information on the Scottsbluff Winter Farmers Market you can go to ScottsbluffWinter FarmersMarket

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