Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Winter Campfire Complete With a Sensual Treat

Our High Impact Fire
 The last night we were at the cabin for this winter, Erin and Ozzie had a "Bonfire" planned.  Ozzie had informed the kids that they had to gather wood if they wanted a fire but the snow was so deep that all our wood was covered!  He finally went to town and bought wood!  How outrageous is that when we have been working so hard to give away all our pine beetle wood! 

Brrrrrr!  Do we really have to do this?
As the afternoon wore on and the temperature kept dropping I decided we probably wouldn't have our fire.  ( I didn't know Ozzie would buy wood he was so determined to do this thing!)  We had lots of leftover chili for chili dogs and I figured we could grill them outside and it would work well.  But no!  Erin insisted that was not a bonfire.  As it began to get dark she,  Paul and Thomas went out and got the fire going on top of the burm just off of our porch. 
When all was ready, they carried out folding chairs and got the hot dogs, buns, and marshmallows out.  We realized that we had only a few graham crackers and some chocolate frosting and some homemade 1-2-3 fudge sauce (see recipe at end of this story) around for somemores.  I put the chili on the stove to heat up thinking they would not last very long outside since the temperature had dropped to 16 degrees. 

Thomas is roasting a hot dog!  Can you see beautiful Izzy behind JJ and Paul?
 About that time the grandkids insisted we all had to come out and enjoy their "High Impact Fire" with them!  We had to don the whole snowpants, boots, sweaters, gloves or mittens and scarves equipment before going outside.  JJ and I wondered if anyone had cut willow sticks to use to roast our hotdogs and marshmallows.  Of course no one had, so we got out the metal skewers from the barbeque. 

Smoke gets in your eyes!  That's JJ and Ozzie all bundled up.
We all (except Bob, who does not attend our summer fires either) assembled around the "High Impact Fire" with our BBQ skewers and hot dogs.  Erin even sat in the snow to roast her hot dog!  We had to get so close to the fire that the smoke really did a number on our eyes and I kept warning people to be careful not to melt their gloves, snowpants, or boots.  Unfortunately, Erin thought the funky smell was her hot dog roasting and melted a big hole in JJ's $45 motorcycle gloves!
Erin roasts a marshmallow and a mitten!  Paul and Izzy are in the background.
 The hot dogs tasted great.  Some of us would roast the hot dog, run inside and put chili on it sit down at the table, eat it and then go out again!
Bob's chili dog that I made for him after roasting the hot dog over the fire.
 The marshmallows were great too.  I went in and melted the 1-2-3 fudge sauce so we could dip the marshmallows in it.  Yummmm!  Then Erin remembered a friend telling her about toasting Starbursts over a campfire and she just happened to have some so she got them out!  Everyone LOVED them and we added a few new twists to the sensual experience, which has prompted me to add the recipe for them to this blog, too.  We sat around the "High Impact Fire" until we got all the wood burned up and then came inside for some card playing.

Here are the recipes for the 1-2-3 fudge sauce which can be used on ice cream and as a dipping sauce for anything your heart desires and for the Sensual Starbursts.

                                          1-2-3 Fudge Sauce

This is a really quick and easy recipe when you want hot fudge sundaes.   It is truly fudgey.   I think it is one of Pug's recipes that I have used for many years.

1 can evaporated milk or equivalent 1/2 & 1/2
2 C. sugar
4 Tbsp. cocoa
1 tsp. vanilla

Mix sugar and cocoa.   Add milk and boil for 15 minutes.   Stir in vanilla and let cool or put over your ice cream while it is hot!

Number Of Servings:1 1/2-2 C.

Preparation Time:a few minutes plus boiling time

Sensual Starbursts

Ingredients and equipment: 

Several  packages of Starbursts (depends on how many people are gathered for this event)

A small bowl filled with hot 1-2-3 Fudge Sauce

Small sharp pointed sticks or skewers for roasting

Hot Coals to cook over


Unwrap and place a Starburst on the end of your stick.  Hold over coals and rotate gently until 1 sacrificial drop of Starburst drips into the fire (be careful not to make it 2 drips!).  Quickly take your prize over to the bowl of chocolate and dip it in to coat the Starburst.  Let cool a bit before popping it into your mouth!  Mmmmmmmm!  Be careful not to eat too soon or you'll burn your tongue!
Carla roasts the Starburst.

Then dips it in Fudge Sauce

Cooling a bit is important! Doesn't that look Sensuous?

Carla prepares for a bite of paradise!


  1. Let me explain why it is a high impact fire. When Thomas took his Mountain Orienteering course at CMC they could only make low impact fires. A low impact fire is made by taking a plug of earth out of the ground and building a tiny little fire in the hole. When you are finished with the fire you replace the plug and you don't even know that a fire existed. Well our high impact fire is just the opposite Ozzie put the whole pile of wood on top of the snow and lit it with gasoline. It was quite the fire. It did become low impact the next morning because the hole was filled in with piles of fresh snow.

  2. sure, have all the fun AFTER we leave! We'd better do this the next time we are at the cabin. Did any Christmas presents get burned?

  3. You guys planned on us leaving before the outdoor fun! ;) That Y2K chair looks like it is holding up.