Friday, December 10, 2010

Cutting Holly For Christmas

The holly is bundled and ready to take up to the tree farm to sell.
While we were in Washington we did not just sit around.  Marianne had a few things planned for us to do and then there were a few unplanned events too!   Today I want to talk about the day we cut holly.  Darcy has had this little business at Christmas time.  He and Pat go up to Lynden, WA on weekends before Christmas to help on the Christmas tree farm of a friend of theirs.  Darcy fixes up bundles of holly to sell up there.

There are two holly trees in their yard and they are very tall and covered with lovely red holly berries this time of year.

A dark picture of some of the holly in the tall trees.  Pat is cutting the branches of holly.
 We all (except Bob) went outside and helped.  Pat and Brendin got out the ladder.

Check out the roof.  You gotta love western Washington weather!  That is grass!  Meanwhile Pat and Brendin are gathering holly.
  Pat got up on the roof of the storage shed and Brendin held the ladder.  I picked up the branches of holly as Pat threw them down from up on the ladder or the roof.

I gathered up the cut holly and put it in the wheelbarrow.
  Marianne and Darcy clipped and arranged the bundles of holly to sell. 
A nice bouquet of holly for the people.
 The dogs watched from the patio!  Here are some pictures of the event.

Pat chooses the best branches from the trees.

Brendin on ladder duty.

Reaching for some branches.

"The Group" working with holly.

Marianne has a big pile of holly to work on!


  1. Did you bring some home??? Wish we had a holly tree in our backyard. I don't think I've ever seen a holly tree... at least not one with the berries and all.

  2. No holly! My suitcase weighed 50.5 lbs. as it was with all my Black Friday purchases! The trees are beautiful with tons of red berries all over them. They are very tall too! The leaves don't get pointy until the berries are ready to cut. Kind of interesting.