Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Video Clips from Our Aqua Fria Trip

I am still learning how to make movies with my video from my camera.  The first problem I have is that my camera does its movie mode in a .mov format that is not recognized by Windows Moviemaker!  Fortunately my new computer has Corel Videostudio x2 on it and it is an Apple product that recognizes .mov.  Kathi, my daughter-in-law, showed me how to use Windows Moviemaker and I think there is a tutorial for it on here too but I am fumbling along with the Corel one.  I always believe that you have to learn by doing so, although it is a long process, I know I will become proficient eventually.  The whole point of this discussion is that I am going to practice on all the video clips I made on our Aqua Fria adventure and then post them on this blog.  So here goes!!!

Well, I learned a lot while editing these!  I hope you enjoyed them.

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  1. Nice job Mom!! These were fun to watch.