Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fishing at the Pond

Well, now that the internet is back on I can get caught up on all our adventures!  We've had quite a few of the relatives and some friends come out to help when the water was high and then to relax and go fishing, 4 wheeling, camping, watching it rain, rhubarb picking, and working on the puzzle.  Today I am going to concentrate on the fishing!

About 2 weeks ago Kenny, Toni and Levi came out to do a little 4 wheeling and some fishing.  Levi got a new little 4 wheeler for Christmas and was all set to go on an adventure.  he was so cute on his little 50 I had to try to video him!

As you can tell I haven't got the film editing down very well yet!

After they 4 wheeled for awhile they went fishing at the pond and caught some very nice fish.  Levi caught "a big one" so we had to take pictures.

As always, click on the picture to make it bigger and hit the back button to get back to the blog.

Levi shows off his fish with his mom!

Levi's big fish!

After seeing those nice big fish nothing would do except I needed to get over to that pond the next day and see if I could catch some for dinner!

Just right for our dinner that night.  I did them on the grill.  Yummmm!

The next weekend Carla and Jim came up to help with the irrigating in high water.  That will be the subject of another blog, but in order to help, they got some new irrigating boots.  Carla needed to test them out for fishing and so I went with her and here were our results:

Carla shows off our fish. Hers is the one in front.

Carla is the winner!  15 inches long and at least 2 lbs.

All these fish were caught in the pond with a Super Duper lure.  The river was still too high to try fishing in it but now the water has receded a lot so I may have to see how the fishing is down by the beaver dam. The rains seem to have slowed down and the wind is up so maybe some worm fishing is in order!  A few days ago I did get this picture after an afternoon rain storm.

Both ends of the rainbow.  The middle was still shrouded in clouds.


  1. Those fish were delish Penny,

  2. Hey my hair looks like I stuck my finger in the light socket. Quess I was too excited about the fish to worry about the hair. TeeHee