Friday, May 7, 2010

The Amazing Maizy

Last night Maizy, the dachshund, had an amazing adventure.  It was about 8:30 PM and the kids had just finally got settled down and we were trying to bring season 6 of "Lost" up on Hulu on my new computer.  Suddenly Maizy who normally does not do much barking began to bark wildly .  She was outside and Kim shouted at her to be quiet but she kept on barking.  Micah went out to see what the deal was and heard a clicking sound.  Maizy was looking under the kids' play table on the porch and when Micah took a look there was a baby diamondback rattler!  He was coiled and rattling very hard!  Micah quickly got Maizy in the house.  He was afraid the snake had bit her but she wasn't hurt, just very excited.

Bob's got him pinned down!

He's still trying to strike!

This pick axe should do the job


They finally got him!

Getting the rattles!

Micah ran out to the garage and Kim and I ran for cameras!  Micah couldn't find anything appropriate to kill the snake so ran over to the neighbor's  to get a shovel with a point.  They both came over and Grampa tried to kill it but only pinned him down.  Micah and Alejandro ran back to get a pick axe while we snapped pictures, Bob held down the snake and Maizy retired to her kennel.  Micah finally chopped off the head and the rattles and the excitement was over for the night!

Next morning, Alyssa's birthday,  the kids went out to see what was left of the snake and to examine the diamonds on it's back.  Maizy was still very excited and ran around but didn't bark.  Several times during the morning she tried to play with it until I put it up where she couldn't get it.  I think Micah is going to save the rattles and give them to Alyssa to commemorate her birthday , but he needs to find out how you preserve them properly.

We are so proud of Maizy !  She must be a snake dog or maybe the kids' guard dog.  Who knew she would turn out to be a hero!

The girls' guard dog!

 Maizy, our hero!


  1. I remember Pug killing that rattle snake in Florida with the shovel. She just hacked at it until it was dead.


  2. That is incredible Thank God for Maizy. It could have been really bad if the girls had come in contact with the snake.

    You might want to put a graphic pictures warning those pictures are pretty

    I guess Micah is going to have to get some snake fighting tools.

  3. Marianne--we talked about that last night as we hacked away at it! Remember, Dad drove back and forth over it several times and it just slithered away? Carla--the girls even wanted to touch the body this morning and there was blood all over it and the porch so I don't think they were too horrified! they also love looking at the pictures.

  4. why didn't you just step down on it when it was pinned? Not on the head. that would have been easy.


  5. Yay for Maizy!! My Grandma had the frame of the big bulletin board that hung in their office full of dried rattles from snakes she had killed with a hoe in her yard.

  6. Woohoo, go Miasy! I didn't know you had snakes in San Antonio. Ack!!!