Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Agnes Shriver

 Agnes Shriver

 I'm thinking about my friend, Agnes, today.  She is my son in law, Jim's, mother.  I have known her for over 20 years, ever since Carla and Jim have been married.  I don't get to see her a lot but we always tried to get together for a time when I was visiting Carla and Jim up in Casper.  She is such a gracious lady.  She was a nurse at the hospital there for many years.  More recently she would help Thomas with his paper route and help out Jim and Carla when they needed it.  The last few years we noticed she would have trouble remembering things and then this past 8 months or so she became much worse and finally had to go to assisted living.  Yesterday she suffered a massive stroke and now is in the hospital.  I pray that she is not suffering!

Some of my memories include the time Jim and Agnes and I went to lunch at a house (restaurant) in Casper.  We had such a nice visit and the food was great!  Another time Jim took Agnes and I out to a famous crossing on the North Platte river where the wagon trains crossed on the Oregon trail.  As always the Wyoming wind was blowing hard but we still walked around and read the plaques.  It was NOT picnic weather so we came on home. 

I also remember the time when I was making my famous Meemo's Munch for a craft fair in Casper and Agnes came over to help me bag and tag it!  We had a nice visit and lots of laughs.  Several times I went with Agnes and Thomas on the paper route and we got to visit then, too.  We spent a number of holidays in Casper and Agnes would come over to help celebrate.  She always brought the green bean casserole--yummmm!

 Agnes and I checking out my embroidery!

I  remember Agnes as a lovely lady who brings out the best in me and is a wonderful friend!


  1. Thanks mom for the wonderful tribute to a very wonderful gracious mother in law. I have been so blessed to have such a wonderful loving mother in law who never interfered but was always there to help us out and give us support and comfort.

  2. Penny thanks for a a very nice write up about my mom. She will be missed very much.