Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This and That

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Wow! It's Wednesday already! I have been busy doing little stuff I guess and haven't had a real inspiration for an article so I guess I'll talk about a few different things that have been going on here.

First the weather........ cloudy and cold and windy. We had 2 1/2 days of beautiful weather, Friday afternoon after some big thunderstorms in the AM, Saturday and Sunday. Then the winds came on Monday. Today seems to be less windy--I hope so becuse I do NOT like wind!

Maisy had her surgery on Monday. She is now officially spayed. She seems to be doing great except she wants to jump up on the couch and sit with Grampa. Yesterday she did get up and proceeded to throw up on the blanket on the couch! I had to wash it but no damage done to Maisy.

Samara and Maisy

Gymnastics-- Alyssa was on the regular height balance beam yesterday and I took some pictures which I will add. Samara climbed the climbing wall in her gymnastics room all the wall to the top. She has always loved to climb rocks. I can't take pics of her in gymnastics because we have to watch through a tinted window.

Alyssa on the trampoline

Doing the splits

The girls are dangling

Alyssa just jumped on the spring boards

Alyssa don't look at the beam!

Alyssa is getting back up on the beam!

Shopping -- We did a lot of shopping over the weekend and are going to Target today to do some Valentines day shopping. This weekend Kim and Micah were looking for a new bedroom set. Grampa went with us and even found a set of living room furniture for us but they don't have a store in Colorado so we didn't get it. Kim and Micah looked in about 4 different stores and finally got it narrowed down. We went home to think about it. Yesterday Kim and I went back and got the set and it's going to be delivered tomorrow. They also got a really good deal on a comforter, 5 fancy pillows and a bed skirt originally $500 reduced to $97! After it is set up tomorrow I will take pics for tomorrows blog!

Baking cookies -- This afternoon we will be baking Valentines Day cookies for Mothers Day Out Party tomorrow. I made the dough early and it is chilling while waiting for Alyssa to get home and help.

Samara is licking the cookie dough bowl

Making valentine cookies!

See what a nice floury mess we made?

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  1. Baking cookies with the grandkids is one of my favorite activities. Looks like they had fun!