Thursday, July 18, 2013

Meemo Says Mini Taco Salads are Fun Foods !

Looks tasty doesn't it ?

Here's the latest from my cooking adventures.  Yesterday I was rummaging through the refrigerator trying to use up food before it spoiled.  I found a half package of hamburger and decided a nice taco salad was just the ticket.
The little tortilla baskets after baking.

I got to remembering that last fall Annie had given me a set of heavy kind of fluted pans for making those tortilla bowls they serve taco salad in.  Found them and got my small sized corn tortillas (8 inches?) out of the freezer.  I quickly thawed them in the microwave, brushed a little oil on each side, and pressed them into the pans.  I put them in my toaster oven, set it on convection, and baked them at 450degrees for around 10 minutes until they started to turn golden brown.  I could only fit 2 in the oven at a time but that was OK.  It works well for only 2 people.
Mini salads have their meat and cheese and are ready for toppings.

Meanwhile I browned and seasoned my meat.  I kind of cleaned up some leftover Rotel, green chilis, and wonderful  Vermont sharp cheddar cheese one of Thomas's friends had contributed to our 4th of July weekend.  I found some black olives and sliced them and then chopped up my last tomato, some onions and lettuce and I was set.  I put a big spoonful of meat in each little basket, added the toppings and a scoop of sour cream and came up with these cute mini taco salads.  They were perfect for a warm summer supper.
Dinner is ready to serve.

Two mini salads just about did it for me!

I guess I'm not Paula Dean, but I have fun trying to make do with what is around the kitchen. I wonder what I can come up with for tonight?

I finally took my walk up on top of Airport Hill this morning. it was a beautiful morning and I really enjoyed the walk.  Here are some pictures I took while I was catching my breath on top of the hill. 

This is looking to the southeast off of airport hill at the buildings where Bob's Uncle Albert used to live.  Way, way back in the distance you can just barely make out the Rabbit Ears.  You can also see Harvat's red barn on the far left.

My walking partners are waiting for me at the cattle guard.  Half of the heifers ran in front of me and stopped every so often to make sure I was coming and the other half followed behind.  When I got to the cattleguard this time they all got behind me and followed very closely until I got to their salt.  They quit me when they found I wasn't going to give them any grain, I guess.
Here I am up on Airport Hill.  That is the Haskins meadow down the hill behind me.  The cabin is way back there down the hill.
See the little white dot on the other side of the hay meadow?  That is our storage shed on top of the hill above the ponds.



  1. Thanks for sharing your scenery pictures with us. I loved driving UPS in the summer time so I could look at the country side. I sure do miss that about North Park, but sure don't miss the long winters.

  2. Where's the glaucamola :-}