Saturday, July 20, 2013

And To Think That I Saw it On Mulberry Street

Here I am on top of Airport Hill.  The Delaney Butte is behind me.  Luckily there was no coyote up here on top!

On my walk today I got to thinking about a story we used to have on a record (this was in the "olden days" before books on tape and  It was one of the first books Dr. Seuss wrote and I was quite young.  It was called "To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street!". We loved that story and I have always tried to use that philosophy when out on walks to make them more interesting.

For instance today when I went on my walk, I was about a mile and a half from home when I heard a coyote howling behind me.  I imagined a starving pack of them sneaking in the willows getting closer and closer.  The howling continued and I sped up my walking!  If only John or Clint Harvat would show up in their pickup to save me.  I kept on moving quickly looking for a stick to beat them off or a stone to throw at them.  I looked behind me and even turned around a few times and walked backwards but could not spot anything.  Finally as I was puffing up the hill to our first gate, I realized I hadn't heard anything for awhile and I figured I had escaped!  I made it back to the cabin safely with a new personal best for speed.  WooooHoooo!

You may be wondering what happened to my walking partners, the heifers.  They would have protected me.  Well, they got moved to a different pasture.  No help from them and my friend, Mr. Rabbit had hopped away from me without a look backwards!

See, I bet you never thought a regular morning walk could be so exciting.  You should read up on it and try it sometime.  Thank you, Dr. Seuss.

I have some other good examples but they can wait for another time.  Here are some pictures from other recent walks I've taken.  Each one was a fun adventure.

While we were visiting Carla and Jim, we took a drive to Devil's Tower.  I had never been there before.  Carla and I took the walk around the base of the tower.

We were there on a Beautiful Sunday afternoon.   Many people like to rock climb to the top of the tower.  You probably can't see the 2 people on the ledge just to the left of that tree branch.  There were many more climbing on the backside of the tower. 

Brendin Darcy and I hiked up a mountain in Mount Vernon , WA in June.  I have posted some of the pictures from then but here are a few more.  The foliage in Washington is more jungle-like than here in Colorado.

Darcy, Brendin and I are headed down the mountain in Mount Vernon.

Finally we came to the road back to the car!

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