Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Promised Adult Dessert Recipe

These pictures of the Roaring Fork are for my kids to see.  High waters at the old ranch.

Can you believe this was taken on rodeo week end.  I don't remember ever seeing it this high!
As I said a few blogs ago, Carla and I did do some "fancy cooking" before all the excitement came along.  We never did get to try our creations up here but when we got to Danny's we decided to make the same things again only with a few modifications.  The modifications ruined them and no one liked them but the ones we had made up here were waiting for me when I got back and they were excellent.  Also, Skyler liked the non-adult version we made for him.  This is a tasty hot weather treat and we have not had much hot weather lately.  (I actually turned on the heat this morning it was so cold! July 10, 2011).

  I got the basic recipe from a Ladies Home Journal while waiting in a Doctor's office.  It is easy and has only a few ingredients when you make it for kids.  Our biggest problem was I couldn't find my box of craft sticks and Carla tried to use cheapo plastic spoons which can't hold the weight of the Fudgsicle without breaking.  We used fancy glasses to hold them but people with kids might have a better Popsicle maker thingy or we used paper Dixie cups at Danny's.  Since I had to memorize the recipe I didn't notice how many it made or how long it took to freeze them but you can figure all that out.



All you need except for something to freeze them in
1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk (Eagle Brand)
1/2 Cup unsweetened cocoa
1/2 Cup milk
*1 shot heavy cream (1/2 and 1/2 or none at all.  This was one of our little additions)
*2 shots chocolate vodka (we used Godiva which is very expensive but you can use the cheaper stuff and it still will be good.)
*1 shot Creme de Menthe
1 tsp. vanilla
Craft sticks, some kind of paper cup, glass or real Popsicle maker kit
Carla found these family crest cordial glasses for us to use.
*"Adult" additions to the basic recipe.  Kids can have them if you leave out the booze!

Some pricey chocolate vodka but very delicious.  

A shot for the dessert.

And a shot for the cooks!
Mix all ingredients together with a wire whisk.  Then you can get as fancy as you care to with the equipment you freeze them in.  Carla was being very fancy-shmancy and froze our cordial glasses then drizzled Hersheys chocolate sauce on the sides of them hoping they were cold enough to stick.  They did to a certain extent but if you want to try it I would use that chocolate ice cream coating that gets hard real fast so you don't get a puddle in the bottom of the glass that doesn't freeze real well.

Carla drizzles chocolate into the glass.
Carla's fancy-Shmancy frosty glass.

Glasses set up ready to put in freezer to get frosty.
  Fill up you vessels with the chocolate mix and freeze them until hard.  If you have alcohol in them they take a little longer to freeze but they do finally.  Be sure to remember to put sticks in them when they get set up a bit and can hold them up straight.  Then run a little warm water on the glasses or peel off the paper cup or whatever you do with the real Popsicle makers to get them out and you're all set for an icy, chocolatey treat!
Hmmm,  I don't see the cheapo plastic spoon we used for a stick in this one!  But it still was very tasty eaten from a bowl.

  The ones we did at Danny's were not tasty because Carla got too much booze in them and then we decided to put mocha ice cream in them --only about a shot instead of cream and then the worst part was a whole bunch of marshmallows that floated to the top and didn't freeze.  If you want to get creative, don't try these modifications.  We ended up throwing out most of them.  I think plain vanilla ice cream would have worked fine.

Down at the home ranch.
Well, there it is. Have fun and enjoy.  Adjust the booze amounts as you see fit.  Too much, though, may prevent freezing.  Kahlua might be OK instead of mint but that mocha didn't taste right the way we made them.  

Anyone for tubing the Roaring Fork?

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