Monday, July 11, 2011

Choosing the Right Mug

Good Morning!  My most favorite thing to do is to sit out in the morning sun and drink my coffee

This morning as I was browsing through my vast collection of mugs, I got to thinking about my ritual of choosing the right mug for the day.   First I wondered if anyone else did this or if they had their one and only special one they had to use or the day wouldn't go right.  Then I realized I chose my mug according to how I wanted my day to go.
I have a whole set of these Norman Rockwell Christmas covers for The Saturday Evening Post.  I use them quite regularly because of their size and I love the pictures!

  I actually have several criteria I use.  One is the way a mug feels on my lips.  I prefer a rather thin mug rather than those heavier thicker ones.  They are for drinking cocoa not coffee.  Then, of course, I have to consider how hot they get in the microwave.  I have a few that get so hot they really burn your lips  and the coffee is still cold!  These I use only when I know I'm not going to reheat my drink or else I heat my coffee in another mug and pour it into the hot lips mug.  You may wonder why I would go to such trouble but each of my mugs has a story and I like the memories as I am sipping my morning beverage.  I really do go through my mugs trying to pick which one will brighten my mood for the day!  OK so I am weird!  My last consideration is how do I want to feel today or what do I want to think about while contemplating my schedule for the day.

Today I am using my Winnie the Pooh mug.  It says "Just a smakerel of Honey...." on the inside lip of it.  I got this mug on a trip to Nationals with a group of students.  We did Disneyland and I like to get souvenir mugs on those kind of trips.  (That's one reason I have so many mugs!)  It also reminds me of Mom and Dad and my sixth birthday when they gave me the book "Now We Are Six".  Dad would read to us every night and I have great memories of us memorizing many of the poems in that book!

Other mugs include one with a fancy handle with the bible verse, "Let the Earth be Glad!" from Psalms.  I like this one on a kind of rainy day.

A Chapman University one for grandmothers that Paul gave me when he was a freshman,

an "I'm an OHS Guardian Angel mug from my days up on the Duck Valley Indian Reservation (so many great memories!)
Side 1

Side 2, I love this mug!

My Rocky and Bullwinkle, Boris and Natasha mug from a Universal Studios theme park visit with students, 

a hot lips mug JJ gave me with my name on it, 

World's Best Mom one from Carla,

On the back of this is a description of a loon  from the encyclopedia !
A mug I got at the Mall of America in Minneapolis with a loon on it when I was at a Cluster Meeting with students,

a  mug that has a snowman on a lid  that JJ gave me for Christmas.  I think that one is a hot lips one, too and I  always forget it and get burned! 

Bob has a few favorites too (at least I always use them for his cocoa).  His newest one is a great John Wayne one that Chris (Kathi's and Danny's boy) gave him for Father's Day.  Marianne and Erin have always been my coffee for Christmas people.  Marianne also gets really good cocoa for Bob, and her boys have given us some great travel mugs!  JJ is the tea buyer for Bob.

A few more of the favorites
 I have plenty of other mugs to choose from but I'm sure you get my point.

This is one of a set of "cabin mugs" which must be used by the grandkids for cocoa after a day of playing in the snow!
Now that I have gotten all my mugs out and had a big memory fest, it is time to get to work.  Tomorrow will be another day with another great memory!  I have had so much fun sorting through my mugs this morning I'm going to have to do this with some of my other collections!

In the morning is a great time to sit out because there aren't so many mosquitoes!


  1. On "Now we are Six", also one of my favorite memories. The poem, "King John's Christmas" was the one I memorized. When we were in Taiwan, we were invited to a Christmas party for Americans, where everyone was invited to bring along a Christmas reading for the after dinner entertainment. There were many regional ones, we were all homesick. I chose "King John's Christmas", and actually cried at the end. It was the best Christmas party I have ever been to as an adult.