Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Scrapbook of JJ's Quilt!

The final quilt!

I took a lot of pictures of JJ's quilt and decided to just post them as a little scrapbook for family and friends to look at.  They should bring back a lot of memories and I really like the embroidery I did on it too!  Now I am kind of sorry I didn't take a picture of each square!  Oh well.....

Samara,Natalie, and Alyssa Easter 2010

Grampa Ran. I love the flamingo, too!

Pug and her flowers.

Danny and Beth's wedding with the woodpecker tree in the background.  Cowboy Joe from Wyoming University.

Gradma Nita and Grampa Al with Erin and Micah.

Mm and Dad's wedding

The Harley Patch! Also Jay and Ozzie with the lovebug!
JJ's first grade picture and I couldn't forget a school bus!

How about that teapot?  Micah and Erin dressed for Kris's wedding.

Micah as a Casper trooper

The log cabin

Erin up in LaMouille Canyon

I think that is Lucho with JJ on the baler.

JJ models her quilt on the bed.

The back of the quilt features M&Ms

JJ points to one of the quilted squares in the M&Ms

Our label is the final touch.

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