Thursday, April 14, 2011

JJ's Quilt is Finally Done!

JJ enjoys her new quilt!
 When I got to JJ's house with my fixed sewing/embroidery machine, she was excited to get moving on the quilt that Erin and I had started, I think, seven years ago! It is a memory quilt with 27 different pictures of family and friends from years past!  Erin and I made the squres by doing iron on transfers of the pictures, which we had scanned onto the computer and then printed on special fabric transfer paper (like you do for T-shirts).  We had purchased all different kinds of M&M material showing M&Ms for all seasons.  We framed each picture with various M&M fabrics; and then it quit raining at the cabin so we put it all away and went on to outside activities.

I HAD to get the Harley patch on there somewhere.  Also that cute lovebug!
When Erin got ready to leave we sent all of the squares, extra fabric and backing material with her so she and her mom could get it finished.  Seven years later they still hadn't even gotten it out to look at it again, so it was time for me to get it finished!  I had to add a few more pictures since Micah had gotten married and had 3 girls since we started but it worked out well.

JJ's grand daughters were included.  This was last Easter!

The Woopdpecker picture and (much to her Dad's disgust and Jim and Carla's delight) Cowboy Joe from UW.
After two more trips to Twin Falls to repair the machine (out of time and then my disastrous Miss Fixit needle case breakage) and doing some creative thinking, I started putting it together.  We noticed some spots of rust from irons on some of the squares and I figured I could cover them with cute little embroideries of butterflies or flowers.  Well, they were so cute we decided to put little embroidery all over the quilt!  After that I had to figure out some kind of backing since we had used the original backing for stripping.  We finally thought we would be like the "old timers" and also be "green" so we used what we had of M&Ms material and leftover border fabric along with what was left of the backing to piece together a backing. 

The pieced backing.  Those are M&Ms.

It all worked out well and then it was time to quilt it.  I sewed around each picture, the inside and then the outside of each frame and the borders.  I bound it and made a label and it was done! 
The final touch
Woohoo!  JJ can use it as a coverlet for her bed or just for a cover while she is reading on the couch or watching TV, since Ozzie likes to keep the house quite chilly!

A very cool bed covering!
 I took a lot of pictures of individual squares that will bring back memories to most of our family so I have decided to make a little scrapbook of them on my next blog!

And there it is!


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