Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wacky Wednesday and St. Patrick's Day

JJ forgot to take a picture of me reading to the kids so we had to do a posed one at home
Every year JJ's school has a week of celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday by having special reading events, wearing hats and costumes, and having guests come in and read to the kids.  There are competitions and one is to have the most readers come in.  I was volunteered for that job!  (Bob was too but he declined).  Another one was to try to have everyone in the school bring in as many hats as they could to see if they could get 500 hats like The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins.  They didn't make it....

This year his birthday came the week before the big testing time and the students were preparing for testing so they postponed it for two weeks so everyone could enjoy it and have lots of fun with it.

On Wednesday was my big day and it happened to be the day for them to wear wacky costumes.  I took a picture of JJ's before she went to school and put on her Horton ears.  When I got there the 2nd graders were out to recess and it was rainy, cold and very windy!  In fact JJ's umbrella blew inside out and it took about 3 kids and her to put it back to rights! 

JJ is ready for school.  Nike and Moguli can't figure out who she is!
I went inside and visited with my friend Linda, the school secretary and then 3 little boys escorted me to the classroom via the playground, so I had to go out into the wind again instead of through the halls. 

JJ has 23 students with six being girls!  The boys are very cute but a handful.  Anyway they learned my name and that I was Mrs. Jones' mother.  A little girl whispered to JJ, "How old IS your mother?" JJ told me later.  We had to laugh at that.

It turned out that all the 2nd grade teachers decided to bring their students together to hear me read Oh The Places You'll Go! By Dr. Seuss.  The room we gathered in was interesting.  At one end was a little stairway to nowhere with a platform at the top that the kids called the stage.  One of my escorts took me up to the top and that's where I was to read while all the kids sat on the floor.  I decided to sit on the top step to do the reading.  It went pretty well but I had on my glasses that are graduated from close to far and sometimes I had trouble reading the words--oh well, 2nd graders are very forgiving.  The kids then sang me the song they were going to sing in their St. Patrick's Day parade the next day--all 4 or 5 verses of Mollie Malone.

Some of the wacky costumes the kids had:  dyed hair, a bright green wig, a little boy with a Pamper on his head!  The teachers had mismatched clothing and crazy hats.  JJ's Horton ears were very big and flopped back and forth when she moved.  I had on a Cat in the Hat hat.
A closeup of JJ's Halloween shoes and mismatched socks.
 The next day, today, is St Patrick's Day and JJ forgot her hat and horn for the parade. I had to take it into school for her.  Her principal greeted me at the door in his Cat in the Hat suit complete with makeup (whiskers).  He looked quite authentic.  Anyway, all the kids were in the gym having Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast.  I went in to give Jay her hat and checked out the kids plates.  Most had about finished theirs but there were some who hadn't touched their green scrambled eggs!  What a surprise.  Yesterday a little boy told me he wasn't going to eat his because they were green and I told him to close his eyes and pretend they weren't green.  I guess he didn't try that!

Tonight we are going down to the Gold Dust Casino for corned beef and cabbage.  I noticed that potato leek soup comes with it and little boiled red potatoes!  Yummmm!  Maybe I'll take a picture of our meal tonight for all to see.


  1. I thought that was how Jay dressed every day LOL! Sounds like it was a good time .Carla

  2. We made 407 hats. My class had the most with 38 hats. It was great fun. I am a little concerned about Friday. What character will I be? I am thinking Daisy Head Maizy