Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some Picture Updates

I've been taking some pictures of random events around here so I just think I'll post them with a few comments.

Our Trip to Laughlin March 7-10

Bob enjoys some warmer weather and the view of the Colorado River.

Ducks along Laughlin's Riverwalk.

I love walking along the river in my shirtsleeves in March! 


Dr. Seuss Week at Northside

Daisy Head Maizie.  JJ was the only one to wear a dress this Friday!

Lookin' good with that daisy growin' out of your head!

Bernice made these cute Green Eggs and Ham hats for her teacher friends

Green Eggs and Ham Day also fell on St. Patricks day so JJ completed her outfit with trendy leggings and cool shoes!

I read to the second graders one day.  Here I am practicing and then JJ forgot to take my picture with the kids!

Moguli Gets a Haircut

Cute little MO-MO in his before picture

Is this the same dog?  He got his haircut on St. Patricks Day so he is showing off his new neckerchief!

St. Patrick's Day Dinner at the Gold Dust Casino

We had to try their green beer!

It was OK but needed to be Guinness, I guess, to make it right.

Cream of Leek and Potato Soup.  Very Yummy!

Looks like a meal for 4 but it was one serving!  We had lunches and another dinner with the leftovers!  It tasted great!

Spring in Elko March 22, 2011

The tulips are coming up just fine........

Maybe the snow will melt away by the end of the week?

I don't think they will be killed by freezing but who knows!

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  1. Looks like you guys have been having some great adventures! :o)