Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome 2015! I'm back.....

The fireplace in Danny and Kathi's new home out at Eagle's Watch in Walden, Colorado.
Kathi had great decorations up for Christmas.
Kathi and Danny at the big New Years Party they held at the bowling alley
Here it is 2015!  I certainly took a big break from my blog (like 6 months) but I am still around. A lot has been gong on in my life and with the new year here it is time to look back at some of the adventures that I have had since June. I am sitting in Danny and Kathi's new house in Walden, CO on New Years Day after helping them throw a very successful party last night at the bowling alley and restaurant they are purchasing. It was a lot of work but went well. They had to go back in this morning to finish cleaning up. I wasn't ready to go when they were so I was going to drive over later. It has been extremely cold (-31F) the last few days and my car wouldn't start. So today it finally warmed up into the teens. I went out to start it but it was totally dead!  What a way to start the new year!  Meanwhile Danny and Kathi still haven't made it back to the house so I am watching the Rose Bowl and wondering what they are doing. I feel kind of guilty not helping them but not guilty enough to walk to town.
Paul, Thomas, Carla and Jim took a selfie during the Broncos game!
Me, Jo, Diana and Jason ringing in the New Year
Someone photo-bombed me, Glen!

I was going to post some pictures taken during the party and of Danny and Kathi's new house all decorated for Christmas but I hit a wrong button while transferring my iphone pictures to my computer and ended up sending all my pictures since October to computer heaven!  Maybe even since July 4!  What a bummer! I am going to see if I can get some off of Facebook and messages I sent to family with a picture included!  How I wish my computer savvy grandsons were around!

As you can see I figured out how to get some pictures off of Facebook of the party and I took some more pictures of Kathi's house decorations so all is not lost.  On the Friday after New Years, Janet and Greg Ray invited me to have dinner and go bowling with some of their family and friends!  These are pictures from that party.

This is Heather Ray Kirby trying to pick up a spare.
Besties Janet Ray and Bobbie Corkle had a nice visit along with the bowling.     

Heather, Doug, and Tanner with their cheesy smiles.

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