Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sub Sandwiches and Other Fund Raisers I Have Attempted

I think I am missing the cabin.....
 I was browsing Facebook the other day and saw a post on "You know you spent time in North Park, CO if........" about the Sub Sandwiches we used to make and sell for FHA fund raising at Homecoming time.  Some of my former students were reminiscing about how good they were compared to Subway and I had to laugh.  They were OK but better than Subway?  I think it is just a case of fond memories of the fun times we had making and selling those sandwiches.

  I think we bought the bread in Laramie from either that bakery on 2nd street or from Albertson's bakery.  Whoever it was it was good bread and they gave us a good deal.  One of the parents picked up the bread from the bakery and brought it up for us.  I bought all the ingredients that went into the sandwiches from Corkles Little Market  and then members of the club and my classes would make the sandwiches on Friday of Homecoming week.  Of course everyone was also building floats and decorating halls so it was a fun, busy time.  We sold the sandwiches as whole, half or by the inch.  A lot of kids came in and bought them to eat while decorating so we probably had most of our sales on Friday afternoon. 
Missing the cabin in winter.  Also Izzy and hot tubbing!
We didn't completely assemble the sandwiches for Saturday because the fresh stuff would wilt and make the sandwiches soggy.  I really think we made most of the Saturday sandwiches on Saturday morning before the parade but maybe we made up the meat, cheese and mayo part of them the afternoon before and put them in the refrigerator overnight and then added tomatoes, onions, lettuce and whatever else in the morning.  The FHA members that weren't in the parade would go up and down Main Street selling sandwiches or parts of them for people to eat before or during the games.  I still think it is a good fund raiser for Walden since we don't have a Subway or Quiznos or whatever sandwich-type shop.

Missing sitting out in front of the porch drinking morning coffee with Carla.
 This reminds me of another big fundraiser involving FCCLA at West Wendover High School.  We sold enchiladas to raise money to go to State Conference and it was so successful we did it to raise money for Nationals that same spring.  We sold almost 100 dozen enchiladas each time we did it!  We cooked dozens of chickens to shred and and browned pounds and pounds of ground beef. 
We shredded our own cheese and made the enchilada sauce from scratch and it was the best, if I do say so myself!  We had a long assembly line to put the enchiladas together.  Two girls softened corn tortillas for the corn ones and we had a couple kids dipping flour ones for the flour tortilla enchiladas.

 The week before all the members of FCCLA went around taking orders and so we knew exactly what to make but we learned that we had to make more for the late comers.  Some kids earned all the money they needed to go to state and nationals! It was a huge undertaking and we even froze some to make later if people wanted that.  A lot of work, a big mess but a lot of fun too!
Missing our wild, neighborhood friends!
Several fund raisers we attempted throughout the years that I was adviser to FHA/FCCLA  included soft pretzels that were really fun to make and brought in a lot of money for Consumer Ed classes, pizzas we made and sold fresh or frozen in my Creative Cooking classes, and cinnamon rolls in Consumer Ed class.  Up in Owyhee we made Fry Bread and Indian Tacos but the biggest fund raisers up there were the Candy-o-Grams we sold for each holiday!  Such fun memories I have of those times and I'm thinking for the kids who were involved too!

I am also missing all my friends and former students from NPHS, OHS, and WWHS but haven't scanned pictures on to my computer of everyone, so sorry no pics of you all, yet......

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  1. Let's have a trip down memory lane and all get together to make sandwiches to sell. Just so we get to eat your sandwiches! I will even volunteer to go get the bread....