Friday, October 28, 2011

Excuses, excuses, excuses!

Nick and Sarah get married in Clovis, NM
 This will be a quick post!  Here are some of my excuses for not posting as often as I want to:

1.  I have a ton of embroidering to do.  150 caps for Harry and I have 3 new designs I'm using that take about an hour each!  (stubborn me, I must use them because they are so cool!), several dozen caps for Matt (over the summer and fall) with 3 hoopings each (stubborn me again), 50 bags for Carla some with custom designs on the back for her staff, a wedding present for Nick,

I love the embossing on this.  I hope they do too!

a lot of Christmas decorations and hopefully a few Halloween ones too before it is too late!  I'm not complaining, just trying to justify.....

2.  Winterizing and cleaning up for our being gone by helping Bob with the vents around the base of the house to keep out the cold air, washing and putting away the hummingbird feeders, winterizing the porch, and doing fall cleaning of the house along with some clutter management!
The last load of 2011 chickens heading to the processing facility! (in the crates--that's Country Chicken Girl and Dan the Man on the 4 wheeler). 
3.Helping with the final chicken processing,

The final 20 ready to be packaged!  Whew!  what a summer!
 helping with one of the last summer farmer's markets, preparing for our trip to Clovis for Nick's wedding and then actually going to the wedding which was a lot of fun and needs to be addressed in a future blog.

4.  Getting the car fixed for winter by taking it up to Casper to get the AC/ heater fixed to the tune of $2000, and putting on snow tires (just under the wire--6 inches of snow the next day).

Here it is--Winter!
5.  Going to Dr. appointments in Denver, and Steamboat ( a 2 1/2 hour drive on terrible roads).

6.  Taking advantage of the wonderful long warm fall this year.  It was great while it lasted but now it is cold and the snow is not going away as fast as I would like it to!

7.  Helping Bob with paperwork that has backed up for the whole summer.

8  Cooking some new and yummy things.  I need to put up some new recipes, I think too, but not today!

9.  Catching up on facebook and email......

10.  Getting in some reading on the Kindle and Ipad.....

11.  making use of the hot tub now that it is cold.

OK, I think that is enough.  I have lots of pictures to share, too, but not today.  It's back to the caps for me!

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