Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Trip to the Zoo in San Antonio With Second Graders!

An elegant egret showing off
Well, I haven't written anything in about a month although we kept really busy while we were in San Antonio and I have lots of pictures to write about.  One of the things we did while we were there was to go to the San Antonio Zoo with the 2nd graders from Alyssa's school.  That means almost 200 seven and eight year olds!  Bob and I kind of did our own viewing the first part of the day while Kim, Natalie, and Micah were with Alyssa's small group.

Alyssa's group took time out for lunch and we joined them.

They had a whole list of things they had to find and do--kind of like a scavenger hunt.  When they got back to school the next day they had to write reports on their findings.  Kim was assigned to take pictures to document all of it for their group.  It sounded like a great idea and worked very well so the kids weren't racing around looking at their favorite things and not noticing anything else.

I also took some pictures.  I have done a lot of zoos in my day so usually don't take pictures since they all look the same it seems like but here are a few of what I took the day we went there.

Alyssa's school mascot is an alligator so, of course one of the things on their list was this big guy!
Flamingos are always fun to watch.

Feeding time for these young flamingos.

Nap time in the warm sunshine!

Bob's favorite spot to sit and watch the fish and wish for a fishing pole!
We (Micah, Kim, Bob, Natalie and I) decided to stay for an hour or so after the school kids left so that we could see some of the things they offer for preschoolers at the zoo.  Here are the pictures I took.

They had kind of a beach and wading creek for little kids.  Natalie made herself at home and did some posing on the turtle.

Nat tried to comb the goat's hair.  He was a patient guy!
Going boating on a raft, zoo style
Micah reads a book to Nattie about bears in the learning center
The monkey gets a kiss goodbye from Nattie.  No naughtiness at the zoo from monkeys that we saw!

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