Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Naughty Monkey!

All of us relaxing after a hot but exciting day at the zoo!  The air conditioner was running on high at the restaurant!
Last summer JJ and her neighbors, Cathi and Becci, came to visit Bob and I in Denver.  While they were there for the week we planned several "touristy" things to do in Denver.  One of these was to go to the zoo.  Of course, we chose the hottest day of the summer for this expedition but we were tough!  Bob went with us but opted to sit in the shade with a cool drink and "people watch" while we went on to observe the wildlife.

I had my camera with me but decided that I had taken many pictures at zoos and they all seemed to look alike so didn't have my camera in my hand ready for the quick shot.  Too bad!  We started around and Becci (16 years old at the time) did take lots of pictures.  Soon we came to the monkey display.  Oddly, we and one zoo worker were the only ones there.  He was standing close to the fence observing a monkey who seemed to be showing off a bit.  Becci thought he was cute and went up to the fence next to the zoo guy to get some pictures.  The rest of us just watched kind of from a distance.  Other people started coming with strollers, little children and even some young people in their 20s. 
Becci shortly after the monkey episode watching an ape, who was NOT naughty!  Too late I realized I should always keep my camera handy.
All of a sudden the monkey became very excited and started running back and forth screaming and then he was throwing his poop at us!!!! (mostly Becci who was so busy looking through the eye of the camera she didn't realize what was happening)  The people with children and strollers began leaving quickly before the questions started which was very smart on the parents part!  The monkey continued to scream and strut around excitedly showing off his "family jewels".  By then I was staring dumbfounded but not with my mouth open!  Becci, I think, was still not figuring it out because she was standing close to the fence.  The crowd had dwindled to just us country folks.   Just then, with a scream the monkey raced right toward Becci, jumped up on the fence with another scream and raced to the back of the enclosure behind the trees!  JJ and Cathi were laughing hysterically and Becci just looked a bit shaken. as I looked around we really were the only ones left to see this weird episode!

I said,  "c'mon you perverts let's see what the apes have to offer!"  They argued that THEY were not the perverts in that scenario.  I kind of wish I had taken a video of our faces during this whole event.  Anyway, we have not forgotten our episode with that naughty monkey!

Somehow I feel like I should add a recipe for Monkey Bread here---or not!

As I said, I didn't use my camera but this is Becci up close getting a shot of the action of otters at the Aquarium similar to what she was doing at the monkey cage.

Not the monkey!  JJ poses with a fake ape!

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