Thursday, August 26, 2010

A trip to Hammonds Candies Homemade Candy in Denver

MMMMM!  Hammonds suckers!  Picture taken by Nicole on

I was going to write a blog on our tour of Hammonds Candies a few weeks ago but found this description of the tour with much better pictures than mine!  We did have a great time there and would recommend it to anyone visiting Denver.

I'll add just a few of my pics to make it a little more personal but the author does a great job of describing what we saw.

The hot candy just pored and still steaming being sprinkled with sugar by a candy maker.

A candy maker working with the hot candy.  Sorry about the blur!
The man in the back is working with a big batch of pale green candy.  The worker in front is still working with the hot candy.
Making big suckers. They must make them in 60 seconds before the candy gets too hard!

The man on the left is putting in the stick.  I just didn't get the right angle!  The people in back are making candy canes.

2 ladies boxing up chocolate cherries.

Chocolate cherries on the conveyor belt.

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  1. Ohh lala bet it smelled delicious in there.