Thursday, July 29, 2010

Winding Up Week One In Denver

Wild flowers up on Buffalo Pass.

What a week!  I had been wondering what I would do cooped up in a hotel room day after day in 90+ degree weather in Denver.  Well, it turned out to be quite busy and not nearly as claustrophobic as I thought it might be!

In the last post I described in detail what we did the first two days and you could see we were pretty busy.  Looking back, this week was filled with making arrangements for things to do for the rest of our time here.  Here are some of the things we have done and planned.

I got online and got tickets to some Rockies games and one pre-season Broncos game!  We can walk to the Broncos game it is that close.  The free shuttle will take us to the Rockies games.  The shuttle guy also said they will make an exception and take JJ, Carla, Cathi, Becki and us to the candy factory for a cool tour and free candy!  We have also been making our list of what to do downtown.

Bob and I have made some new friends.  I met a lady and her husband out at the pool and they come several times a week for exercise.  We have done a lot of visiting and she is interested in doing the candy tour with us, too!  Then we have become friends with the man who has his radiation treatment after Bob.  He and his wife have invited us to breakfast tomorrow morning.  His last treatment is Monday so we won't be seeing him on a regular basis after that.  The radiation team (Blue Mesa Beauties) are a kick in the butt!  Bob has orders to bring down a package of side pork, info on the pastured poultry as well as on sides of beef from Danny's! They have all kinds of snacks in the Gentlemen's Club (waiting room) including  juices, breakfast bars, snack crackers, coffee, tea and CHOCOLATE! I notice that most men gather up a snacky breakfast as they leave after their treatments.  It's a tight knit group!

Well, I think that's my story for the day. Tomorrow we will head for home after having breakfast with our new friends.  Then week 2 will begin on Monday afternoon!  Time is slipping by quite quickly.

This boy was doing aerial sommersaults
into the pool!  There was a no diving sign but he didn't speak English and also I guess it wasn't really diving!  I tried to catch him in mid-air but wasn't coordinated enough to do it.

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  1. I am looking forward to our fun family visit in Denver.